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Modius Partners with Oper8 and Oper8 Global to Improve Data Centre & Edge Visibility

Announcement posted by Oper8 Global 07 May 2020

Oper8 and Oper8 Global incorporate the Modius platform into their Data Centre Operations and Maintenance solutions.

Brisbane, Australia, 7 May 2020 – Modius announced today that it has formed solution reseller partnerships with Oper8 Pty Ltd (Oper8) and Oper8 Global Ltd (Oper8 Global) to deploy and support customer data centre management solutions. 

The relationship will see the Modius OpenData platform integrated into Oper8’s Data Centre Operations and Maintenance solutions and services, with Oper8 and Oper8 Global supporting Modius Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) customers across their respective regions.

Oper8 supports customers across the Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands region, with Oper8 Global covering EMEA and Latin America.

The relationship increases the ability to source fully integrated and supported multi-protocol DCIM solutions with enhanced web enabled visibility of customer data centres across global time zones.

Data centres deliver the key underpinning infrastructure enabling business critical cloud services, data centre colocation facilities, corporate IT systems, and local compute, data storage and analytics.

As currently being observed under the social restrictions resulting from COVID-19, the world economy is reliant on cloud and other data centre delivered platforms, while core connection points for the internet are delivered through data centres.

Knowing how data centres are operating and seeing potential issues before they occur helps to ensure unexpected service impacting downtime events do not occur.

As emerging technologies centred on IoT, AI and enhanced video analytics require local processing at the edge of the cloud, reliance on consistent visibility of the data centre stack becomes even more critical for business.

“Modius offers a highly scalable, reliable and secure solution which can be deployed at 1, 10, or 10,000 locations with equivalent performance to manage the availability, capacity and efficiency of mission critical facilities. We are thrilled to team with Oper8 and Oper8 Global in providing their customers with enhanced visibility, streamlined product support and great customer service,” said Craig Compiano, President of Modius.

The Modius OpenData platform aligns with Oper8’s solution methodology with options including perpetual licensing with maintenance, or annual subscription models. Modius OpenData integrates with Oper8’s existing IoT Gateways and Oper8 EMS appliances to enable new and existing customers enhanced data centre management options.

 “The challenges in delivering visibility of the full range of data centre infrastructure systems across multiple locations, whether colocation or edge and remote sites, has been solved with the integration of Modius OpenData into Oper8’s solutions. Customers can now deploy real-time multi-protocol monitoring in any sized data centre through a centralized web enabled portal, providing visibility to global operations, all in a single pain of glass.” noted Mike Andrea, Managing Director, Oper8. 

Importantly the Modius solution complements and integrates with Oper8’s technology partner solutions from RFCode, CPI, Socomec and enlogic, while offering enhanced low bandwidth data aggregation for multiprotocol system monitoring at remote sites.

Tom Gardner, Business Development Manager, Oper8 Global added “Combining Modius OpenData with Oper8 Global’s EMS and RFCode solutions gives customers the best of both worlds – both wired sensors and device monitoring and wireless asset and environmental monitoring. The module options in OpenData present the customer with information at their fingertips, regardless of data centre location. Modius provides all the tools we need to manage the performance of our mission critical infrastructure, from  integration of disparate devices, to analytics, to integrated dashboards and importantly, all for the benefit of our customers.”


About Oper8

Oper8 Pty Ltd, headquartered in Queensland, Australia, is a Solution Integrator focused on Data – Data Centres, Data Storage, Data Protection and Data Communications. Oper8 helps customers align and right-size turnkey Data solutions with their business and technology requirements across their chosen operating locations. Oper8 supports customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and the Asia Pacific.

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About Oper8 Global

Oper8 Global Ltd, headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom, enables custom data centre solutions with a key expertise in Edge, Modular and HPC solutions. Services include turnkey data centre design and build including commissioning, product supply, environmental audits and operational maintenance services. Oper8 Global supports customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

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About Modius

Modius Inc. is a world leading end-to-end solution provider for managing the availability, capacity and efficiency in the critical facilities of data centers, smart buildings, telecommunications and other IoT environments.  Founded in 2004 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, Modius has customer deployments around the globe. Modius’ flagship offering, OpenData, provides all the tools needed to manage the performance of mission critical infrastructure, from  integration of disparate devices, to analytics, to integrated dashboards,  all in a “single pane of glass.”

Visit www.modius.com



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