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Not ‘Just Car Buyers’: Sydney’s Unsung Heroes

Announcement posted by Auckland Car Buyer 08 Mar 2019

We Do Much More than Car Removals

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics,  There were 19.2 million registered motor vehicles in Australia as at 31 January 2018. In addition to that, the Motor Vehicle Census 2018, the national vehicle fleet grew by 2.1 per cent between 2017 and 2018. The Australian Demographic Statistics states the preliminary estimated resident population (ERP) of Australia at 30 June 2018 was 24,992,400 people. That's a lot of cars!  


The question that arises is if there are already so many cars, and we’re buying more and more cars, where are the old ones going? They’re either populating our landfills and polluting our drinking water or are abandoned, lying on properties of people who aren’t too bothered about their real estate. What about the other old, unwanted cars in Sydney and its nearby suburbs?

Google might not give you this answer but we will - its Scrap Cars Removals! Scrap Cars Removal is a car removal and scraps car buying company that offers its free services to people who want to sell an old car in Sydney.  Scrap Cars Removals has been operating their business in Sydney for a decade now. The business is profitable now, but wasn’t always so, claim the founding members of the organisation. ‘Scrap cars are of not much use, they are put into a machine, they come out as a box of metal. We sell that box. This business started off with the founding members picking up the cars and selling them off individually.’, said Zoey from the Sales Department.


Chart 1. The services most preferred by customers at Scrap Car Removals, Sydney in the year 2009

By 2013, the company had seen a change is the vision of the organisation. The board decided to make their efforts more inclined towards the benefit of the customers as well. When the popularity of the business kept growing, the leaders decided to shift the vision towards something more valuable. “We’re not just scrap car buyers, or a simple car towing service. We’re much more than that - we think of ourselves as the agents for a cleaner Sydney. We started taking the trash away from Sydney-siders and reusing it for better things.”, said the spokesperson from Scrap Cars Removals, Sydney. 


As per the company’s database management, there has been a change in the kinds of benefits people have preferred the most in their customer reviews. As the city of Sydney along with Sydney-siders grew aware of the situation of our environment, there is a very clear mention of the environment-friendly process that is used. 

 Chart 2. The services most appreciated by customers at Scrap Car Removals, Sydney in the year 2014


Over the years, we see how the motives and priorities of consumers have changed. Car owners were giving Scrap Cars Removals, Sydney positive feedback for the basic services that they had been providing in 2009, which changed a few years ago. The recent trend can be seen moving towards more socially responsible factors such as scrap car recycling, the sale of used parts and car wrecking.

Chart 3. The services most appreciated by customers at Scrap Car Removals, Sydney in the year 2018


Chart 4. The services most appreciated by customers at Scrap Car Removals, Sydney over the years, A Comparative Analysis.


Scrap Cars Removals employees have repeatedly mentioned in the past that they are not ‘just car removers’. Their motivation to improve their business and service quality has led them to offer most of their services free of cost. These services include car valuation, free pickups of cars from the location of the car seller, instant cash payment to the car owner, free paperwork done for the customers at the time of delivery and free car removals in for scrap cars Sydney. Their constant availability to serve people who want to get rid of their old vehicles in Sydney has made them a popular source for car owners. They have built a strong community and get most of their customers through referrals, and not through advertisements. “It honestly makes me very proud to know that our customers like our services enough to even put in an effort into giving us reviews. It doesn’t take much time, but it still takes some amount of time. We’re grateful for that.”, said Nat, the customer service executive.


As the city of Sydney juggles between all kinds of extremes, between a merging ground for nations and people, we are looking at a healthy and welcome shift towards a responsible community. With businesses like Scrap Cars Removals as the flag bearers of such a transformation, there is immense hope for better businesses in future.



Scrap Cars Removal is a car removal company operating in Sydney and its suburbs. They have a variety of benefits that they offer to their customers such as free valuation of a car, a free pickup for the unwanted vehicle and free paperwork after the pickup is done. They also offer instant cash up to $8999 for all types of vehicles such as cars, vans, utes, trucks, minivans, SUVs, 4X4s and more. They are available online as well as on call. They are a popular and professional car buying company in Sydney that operates throughout the week.