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NSW and ACT Guiding Community merges with NT to create A Place To Grow Together

Announcement posted by Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT 18 Nov 2019

The NSW & ACT Girl Guides community will merge with Girl Guides NT to form Girl Guides NSW, ACT and NT from January 2020 creating a 7,800 strong member organisation.

The merger offers a chance to expand learnings and foster collaboration between the state and territories. 

Girl Guides in NT will have access to greater resources and opportunities through this partnership, with all the administrative and operational benefits of a larger Association. More opportunities will be available to assist with the geographical challenges faced in the NT.

The partnership will also allow Guides in the NT to participate in creative initiatives run by Girl Guides NSW & ACT such as GirlMade which supports girls to express themselves creatively.  

The NT community hope to share their unique experiences and perspectives with the NSW & ACT members, to further support the growth and empowerment of the next generation of Australian women.  

Letitia Baldwin, NT Regional Manager, Girl Guides NT, is looking forward to this new step in NT Guiding history, believing it will bring great benefit to the girls and Leaders.

“I have a brilliant team of Leaders and we will work well with the NSW and ACT teams. It is important to have fresh ideas and the chance to network, especially for our adult members so they can share that with the girls. I want to make this community as big and beautiful as it can be.

“I think the opportunities are going to be endless; NSW & ACT have an exciting range of things for girls to do and now we will be able to leverage this and get the girls involved in so many more activities.

“It is great to know we’re not alone; we are a part of a large network. I am looking forward to NT standing proud and showing off what we can do,” said Ms Baldwin.

Eboney Prentice, Leader Darwin District, Girl Guides NT, has been a member of the Guiding community for 30 years; having had many unique experiences with Guiding including travelling the world, she is now sharing the Guiding experience with her daughter.

“Guiding focuses on the community, it encourages girls to think about more than just themselves, to learn from others and give back to the world around them. The joining of our communities will support this Guiding mission and enhance the girls experience,” said Ms Prentice.

Sarah Neill, State Commissioner, Girl Guides NSW & ACT, travelled to NT earlier this year and met the Guiding community; she is thrilled to be partnering with them.

“I am looking forward to working closely with Letitia and her team who have such a deep passion for Guiding. The girls as always are at the centre of what we do and we know this partnership will enhance their Guiding experience with increased support,” said Mrs Neill. 
Notes to editor:
Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are devoted to the growth and development of girls. They provide a place where girls can learn, build their skills and connect with like-minded peers. The benefits also extend to the Leaders and volunteers who play a vital role in supporting the girls.
Guides work to serve their community and help those in need offering help where they can. They participate in many local activities and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community.
Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT offers girls A Place To Grow.
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Image: Letitia Baldwin, NT Region manager, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT.

Image: Eboney Prentice, Unit Leader Darwin District, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT.

Image: Sarah Neill, State Commissioner, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT.

Image: Girl Guides NT.

Image: Girl Guides NSW & ACT.

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