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Quality Mind Sports Performance Model Workshop

Announcement posted by WMC Public Relations Pty Limited 17 Jul 2019

Workshop event on 24 July 2019, 8.15am - 10am
Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, Albert Park

Mind mentor and specialist business coach in the sports sector, Richard Maloney, is holding a workshop on 24 July for people involved or aspiring to be involved in elite sport including athletes, coaches, managers or anyone who wants to support athletes in competing consistently and to their full potential.
The event addresses the pressure, stress and injuries that impact the athletes or the coaches and managers who work with them.
Attendees will find out how to quickly improve clarity, manage stress and keep clear of the burnout that affects so many in life and in the business world.
At this free workshop, Richard Maloney, CEO and Founder of Quality Mind and Engage & Grow Global, will show how to implement the Quality Mind Performance Model, which can transform athletes lives and the lives of the people who work with them.
“It will close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be,” he said.

Maloney has helped more than 40 teams from sports such as AFL and cricket to reach a grand final with 32 achieving a premiership. Plus, he has mentored many AFL and NRL premiership-winning players, NRL teams, netballers, cricketers, etc.
During this session, participants will discover how to:
-> Consistency perform in your 'zone'.
-> Perform with far more energy than your opponent, game after game.
-> Remove or minimise future and current injuries for good.
-> Be completely stress-free, yet fully focussed.
-> Learn what the best are doing to strengthen their minds.
-> Become the expert in your field.
-> Lead a happier, healthier and wealthier life.
Plus, Richard will walk through an elite athletes’ timeline to allow participants to see first-hand how the injuries are being manifested and then how to pull them out of it. To see an example of an athlete timeline, click here:
On this link is also a short Quality Mind introduction video.
In preparation for the workshop, participants can download the Quality Mind app from the App Store or Google Play. Full access will be given at the workshop.

For more information and free registration visit:
About Richard Maloney
Mind Mentor & Business Coach
Elite athletes, successful executives and ordinary people can attest to the transformation possible with Richard Maloney’s Quality Mind personal development program.
At the age of 18, Richard was recruited to the St Kilda Football Club. After finding himself injured, and without the mental strength to handle the pressure of elite sport and his own personal struggles, he was let go.
During his post AFL-journey, Richard found his passion – understanding the power of the mind through his own self growth. He is fascinated by the impact of human behaviour, in both business, sport and personal relationships. For the next 20 years he has focussed on understanding and unleashing the mind through his unique personal development program.
Richard has disrupted traditional training and is quickly becoming known as the world no. 1 team engagement expert, leading over 220 coaches in 88 countries. And in the sports industry, he has been associated with 32 winning premierships in both AFL and cricket.
With his experience in the business world and sporting industry, he has used his personal development plan to improve the mental well-being of elite athletes and business leaders the world over.
In 2016 & 2017 Richard was recognised as a finalist in the 2016 and 2017 Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year and finalists in the 2017 Telstra Victorian Micro Business of the Year. 
For more information about Quality Mind Global and Engage & Grow Global use these links: