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Serial mover and leading property stylist Justine Wilson shares her top moving tips

Announcement posted by 360PR 10 May 2021

Having moved 23 times already in her life, leading Sydney Property Stylist Justine Wilson, certainly knows a thing or two about moving to a new house. Not only does she and her team essentially move house every day, sometimes twice a day to style properties for sale across Sydney, but she’s also earned the title of moving guru personally. Impressively her fastest pack up and pack down is an impressive two days.
Justine Wilson, Vault Interiors Director, and award-winning property stylist says, “After moving so many times in my life, I’ve learnt a thing or two to streamline the process and even use the experience as a time to declutter and reinvigorate my own home. To many, it’s a daunting process, but hopefully my tips help make it more of a positive experience instead of a chore.”
Listed in the top three most stressful life events, alongside death and divorce according to psychologists, Justine shares her top five tips to make moving smooth sailing in 2021.
1. Declutter prior! Before your move day, Justine suggests organising any items you don’t want to relocate to the new place to be sold, disposed of, or given away. Advertise items on gumtree or ask friends or family if they want free items (just ensure they collect them to make life easier for you!). Justine’s rule of thumb – if you haven’t worn it or looked at it in a year it’s not essential.
2. Pre-plan placement: Justine suggests planning ahead exactly what furniture items will go where, this is very important as it saves the movers double handling things and jamming up rooms full of furniture. It’s a much smoother process if they know exactly what room each item goes into and will save you money on their hourly rate at the end of the day. You can achieve this by doing a walk-through with them before they start unloading.
3. Label all your boxes: Justine’s favourite tip – seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many times this step is left out. Labelling is essential to avoid the panic that a room full of unmarked boxes can trigger. If every box is labelled with the room it's going into and whether it essential items or “non-urgent” items. Be descriptive of what’s in the box i.e instead of just “kitchen” write “kitchen – pots and pans”.
4. Purchase recycled boxes: Moving boxes can be expensive – so purchasing recycled boxes is a good trick, just ensure you write on the packing tape, not the actual box. This ensures you can often return them after the move and recoup a refund, or neatly stack and store and have boxes ready for your next move without the confusion of writing all over the box.
5. Enlist help! A move will feel less painful and less stressful if you enlist friends to help pack up – make a night of it, shout some pizza and wine, play some music and before you know it half the home is done, and you have had a few laughs in the process. Just remember to instruct them on labelling – and be sure to return the favour at a later stage.
6. Hire professionals: Justine is very lucky to have a fantastic and highly trained team that assists her with each move, it would not be possible to have moved so often without her professional team. People often try to move themselves to save on cost, but it doesn’t pay off in the long run, you can damage your property if you don’t know how to correctly carry items, you can hurt yourself or simply wear yourself out.
7. Treat it like an overnight stay: Pack a small bag with your essentials so you know exactly where they are, this means a towel, toiletry bag, phone charger and a change of clothes and some snacks. Ensure you have plenty of water and it's always a nice gesture to ensure your removals team have water bottles too.
Justine adds, “If you have a big enough budget and are time-poor, you can get the company to quote on packing all your items for you also, phone around to suss out the price difference in you packing or them packing before you start so you can weigh it up.”

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