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Smarty Pants launches with their new brand of easy to use cloth nappies

Announcement posted by Smarty Pants Cloth Nappies 15 Mar 2021

Melbourne-based company Smarty Pants are launching their new easy to use cloth nappies. Their innovative design uses adjustable snaps and quick-drying technology to make reusable nappies accessible to everyone.

They make cloth nappies easy for busy parents, meaning more families can save time, save money and have a positive impact on the environment.

They come with 9 layers of absorption, so they are quick to dry and your baby stays dry for longer. 

One size fits all, with prices starting at $18 for a pair, or $55 for a trial pack which is the easiest way to start, and includes 3 cloth nappies, a wet bag and accessories.

“Between juggling a new baby, working from home and running a household, it is only natural to reach for the most convenient option. Until now, that has been disposables.” says Smarty Pants co-founder Charlie Nicholls. "We are changing that with Smarty Pants by making cloth nappies the smart option - easier to use and quicker to dry to help save time, money and the planet.”

Customers can choose from a range of playful designs, with free delivery on orders over $75 at smartypantsnappies.com.au.