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Sydney Electrical Service Provides Timely Tips for Holiday Electrical Safety

Announcement posted by Sydney Electrical Service 25 Nov 2020

Sydney Electrical Service is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning, we specialise in the supply of electricity from the energy authority network to your property.
The Christmas holiday season is fast approaching and with the COVID-19 pandemic still present, many individuals are opting to remain at home and create more elaborate lighting displays to bring joy to themselves and others. To ensure safety, Sydney Electrical Service recommends that everyone examine their outlets, switchboards, and smoke alarms to ensure the systems are adequate for the extra load that holiday lighting places on electrical needs.

Sydney Electrical Service is an authorized Level 2 service provider and has a 24/7 emergency unit for residential and commercial customers in the event of a power outage from any source. The professionals can upgrade switchboards and install fire, smoke and safety systems. The company consistently maintains a five-star Google rating.

One of the biggest problems that the electrician Inner West says individuals encounter are Christmas lights that aren’t compliant with Australian safety standards. They’re often less expensive, but are a serious safety hazard that can start fires and blow fuses. To save money and increase safety, consider upgrading to LED Christmas lights that are brighter and less expensive to operate.

The electrician Bondi advises that individuals never use lights designated for inside use outdoors. They’re not resistant to differences in weather conditions. Condensation can enter connections and create a short in the system. People also need to ensure that their lights don’t have any broken or malfunctioning bulbs as they also present a danger.

Sydney Electrical Service provides repairs and maintenance over a wide range of conditions. The company is licensed, insured, and accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. The electrical contractors address contestable works and is fully certified for working on underground and overhead lines. The company performs disconnect and reconnect services, are experienced in solar systems, and can install electrical car charging stations.

Elaborate holiday displays place a greater strain on electrical systems and the situation is exacerbated as more people are staying home. The tips by the electrician Sutherland will help mitigate potential danger and if the power is interrupted, Sydney Electrical Service is ready with 24/7 emergency services, guaranteed work, and free no-obligation quotes

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