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The new roaring 20s in interior design

Announcement posted by 360PR 24 Feb 2020

The home of the ‘new roaring 20s’ is going to be very different to the home in Australia a mere 100 years ago. From the 1920s to 2020s, the home is not only a very different place aesthetically, but it is also enjoyed differently from a practical and usage perspective. We now have Siri and Google taking over the home, as well as an increasing love for entertaining and open plan home design. It makes you wonder, what could possibly be coming next?

Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson says, “Many people remember the 1920s as the glamorous decade for art deco, modernism and early Hollywood influences, rectangular and bold stepped fireplaces, and exotic touches in interior styling. In contrast, the 2020s will be remembered for sustainability and free earth materials, the tiny house movement, and the resurgence of mixed generation households. Since the world is much more connected now, we will see interior trends with more of a global feel than ever before.”

Justine’s predictions for the new decade for 2020s interior design and styling:
  • FREE EARTH MATERIALS – Building with free earth materials, especially in remote or rural areas, will become a big trend. People will be making houses out of mud bricks and recycled glass bottles, totally eco-friendly housing using old methods like straw roofs and dirt floors. The recent bushfire crisis across Australia has created new panic and there is now a movement of people wanting to care for the environment and battle climate change.
  • THE TINY HOUSE MOVEMENT – We’ll see developments using container houses and tiny moveable houses in small stand-alone communities where they share communal gardens, bathroom and cooking facilities with a co-op type structure. This trend nods back to tribal living systems with mixed generations or like-minded people having their own little land to govern. We’ve already seen families across generations moving into the same duplex block or live next door to each other, so by the end of this decade we will see more mixed generation households.
  • RENEWED APARTMENT LIVING – People will also start to gravitate more towards apartment living and there will be big changes in the way apartments are designed and what they offer. We already see unit complexes having their own doctors, grocery stores, gyms and pools but we will start to see more activities like yoga classes, art classes, meditations rooms and music areas and day spas. People are going to become more community minded and seek interesting experiences. It will be less about living in the unit and more about what the lifestyle it can offer.
  • EARTHY COLOURS AND ACCESSORIES – It’s likely we will see a shift towards earthy warm colours becoming dominant across all areas of the home, especially over the next few years. People will desire more texture and salvaged items over minimalism. Accessories are very earthy like clay or pottery based, and dried florals are big. Soft accents in earth colours like terracotta, peach and beige will be on-trend. Terrazzo is the go-to material along with handmade tiles; concrete and stucco as the preferred finish
  • GLOBAL INFLUENCES – The 2020s will be all about the world traveller, think boho eclectic vibes and Mediterranean lines. Homes will mimic top end resorts, day spas and the hottest travel destinations. People want to live the lifestyle of being on holiday all year round, or at least pretend to be! They want to feel inspired and worldly, with an open mind to other cultures and this will translate to what we see in homes.
  • SUSTAINABLE STYLING – Reducing carbon footprint, the materials and products we use in our spaces has become increasingly important. In the 2020s, this trend will skyrocket with many more homes swapping to solar power and most interior items will be re-purposed or reused – calling all vintage pieces! Green homes are the happiest homes.