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Unprecedented challenges in the aviation industry require an extraordinary response

Announcement posted by Sigma Aerospace 09 Apr 2020

It is no secret that the aviation industry is facing extreme challenges as a result of COVID-19. 

The industry that underpins Australian business and tourism has had the proverbial rug pulled from under it, and with no end in sight, it is no surprise that many aircraft maintenance providers have tended towards inward thinking and business preservation.  But not Sigma Aerospace. 

With safety and compliance, the two chief concerns in the aviation industry Sigma Aerospace says now is the time to be thinking about aircraft maintenance and servicing. 

“The Aviation industry needs to use this time to bring forward maintenance and plan for better days.  This will ensure that when travel picks up again, as it inevitably will, aircrafts are in the best possible condition to fly once again,” says Matt Wheatley, CEO, Sigma Aerospace. 

As the world leaders in aircraft maintenance, from Cessna and Cirrus to Airbus and Boeing, and everything in between Sigma Aerospace can manage the entire maintenance process onsite at the client’s facility or one of its own. 

“Effective aircraft maintenance is crucial for staying compliant and ensuring uptime, and at Sigma Aerospace, we pride ourselves on being world leaders in quality, reliable aircraft maintenance solutions,” says Matt. 

However, Matt says he fully understands the many challenges companies are facing now, like how they cost-effectively keep their aircraft maintained while managing cash flow.  And how they manage the issues surrounding self-isolation, reduced flying, or remote servicing.  His solution: “give us a call, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to maintain client aircraft airworthiness, and we know there’s not a one size fits all solution so we will work with you to develop a schedule of work that fits.”

Whether it’s a component overhaul, piston and turbine engine overhaul, composite and structures repair, avionics and instruments, CASA, and EASA approvals, Sigma Aerospace has it covered.  The company has built a reputation as the leaders in managed aircraft maintenance off the back of its absolute commitment to maintaining client airworthiness.  That’s why major airlines such as Qantas, Virgin, and Jetstar choose to partner with Sigma Aerospace above others. 

“We work to keep our clients at the top of their game by providing fully managed solutions that maintain the health of aircraft assets on the ground and in the sky.  We are proud that our reputation and industry relationships have meant we attract the highest calibre technicians and maintenance, staff to be able to do this.  As a result, we not only provide aircraft maintenance solutions, we also offer specialist recruitment solutions for aviation companies,” Matt revealed.    

So, whether you manage a single aircraft or an entire fleet, Sigma Aerospace is the partner you need to keep you flying. 


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