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Winthrop Prof Fiona Wood to advise on new wound dressing invention

Announcement posted by WMC Public Relations Pty Limited 28 Sep 2020

New Cannenta appointment to its Scientific Advisory Board

Cannenta has announced the appointment of distinguished Winthrop Professor Fiona Wood AM to its Scientific Advisory Board for Cannenta’s new wound recovery treatment for chronic ulcers and burns.

Professor Wood is a plastic and reconstructive consultant surgeon specialising in the field of burn care, trauma and scar reconstruction. She is director of the Burns Service of Western Australia, Perth Children’s and Fiona Stanley Hospitals. She is also director of the Burn Injury Research Unit at UWA and Director of the Fiona Wood Foundation.

A former Australian of the Year and winner of a Clunies Ross Award for contributions to Medical Science in Australia, Prof Wood co-developed ReCell, a spray on skin device that is widely used throughout the world to treat burn victims.

Cannenta’s patented wound care technology is expected to significantly accelerate wound recovery with the ability to come at an appealing low price point. This will make it attractive for underdeveloped countries and anywhere healthcare budgets are constrained.

The treatment, currently labelled as 2dDR, has demonstrated effectiveness in lab animals and is looking to commence initial clinical trials with the University of Western Australia. Cannenta has the exclusive global licence for 2dDR.

Prof Wood said she is intrigued by the simplicity of 2dDR and looks forward to exploring how it will perform in a clinical environment.

“Should the clinical trials prove successful, because of its low price point there will be strong demand for this type of treatment not only in Australia but around the world where health budgets are increasingly constrained,” she said.

The advanced wound care market represents $US19B and is growing rapidly as diabetes increases resulting in a prevalence of diabetic ulcers.

“There is a huge unmet need for affordable, effective treatments,” said Iain Ralph, executive director of Cannenta.

“Cannenta’s solution delivers accelerated wound recovery through a unique sugar-based factor in angiogenic wound care products. Sugar isomer 2 deoxy-D-ribose (2dDR) has been found to naturally stimulate angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) in laboratory tests and shows similar effectiveness to VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor). VEGF is known to be a primary driver of angiogenesis but is very difficult to reliably apply topically and is very expensive.”

“Significant work has already been undertaken using 2dDR in alginate dressings so this is a likely candidate for initial human efficacy trials. Alternatives could include a number of other natural or synthetic hydrogel products from which 2dDR could be incorporated and released.

“Cannenta is looking to collaborate with an established wound care business to incorporate the 2dDR technology in an existing skin replacement scaffold, which would be suitable for severe full thickness wounds.

“The predominant value to the patients and treatment centres comes through the reduction in treatment time and reduction in the risk of complications, which can lead to limb amputations.

“We greatly value the knowledge Professor Wood is able to share with Cannenta to help get 2dDR from clinical trials into production,” Iain Ralph added.



About Cannenta:

Cannenta has the exclusive, perpetual global licence to a unique sugar-based factor in angiogenic wound care products for chronic wounds such as ulcers and burns. Currently labelled 2dDR, the technology emanates out of the highly respected Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK, in collaboration with COMSATS University, Lahore, Pakistan. 2dDR has the potential to be used widely by clinicians as a first line of treatment for moderate chronic wounds to assist in preventing development of more serious and very difficult-to-treat severe wounds. https://www.cannenta.com/

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