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Dear Editor,   The coronavirus is among us. Medical authorities are urgently seeking the people who travelled on the same planes as patients who have shown symptoms of the new deadly virus.   The virus,...

The Editor, Dear Editor,   Of all the animals who have suffered and continue to suffer in recent bushfires, sheep are perhaps the most ignored. Staggering numbers were killed – around 100,000 on Kangaroo...

Media Release- For Immediate Release               20 January 2020   Designing gardens that are more fire-proof Some gardens increase fire risk.

There are less than 10 days left to enter Virbac Australia’s $34,000 Multimin Performance Ready Challenge.   Widespread rain and storms providing useful falls across QLD, NSW and Victoria over the past...

Around 10,000 farmers and their 10 million farm animals in fire affected areas*

The Editor Dear Editor,   People are deeply upset about what's going on in Australia: kangaroos trapped in barbed-wire fencing while attempting to flee the fires, cows and sheep being cooked alive...

The Editor Dear Editor,   2020 is not just a year; it’s an expression, meaning clear or accurate vision. But our vision of the first few days of the year has been of bushfires turning day into night,...

The Editor Dear Editor,   Here’s a terrific New Year resolution: let's stop wasting food!   The latest analysis from Rabobank shows that Australians now spend over ten billion dollars on food...

Dear Editor,   The widely reposted social media video of a fallen horse in the middle of a busy Melbourne road provides yet more damning evidence that a modern city is no place for horses. And that the...

announced by Soil Science Australia about 1 month , category: Environment, Rural & Agriculture
Soil Science Australia releases new report on World Soil Day
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