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announced by Power of Words about 1 month , category: Books & Literature, Education & Learning
Trying to market any self-published book is hard, so marketing author Jennifer Lancaster offers her tips
announced by DoctorZed about 1 month , category: Arts & Culture, Books & Literature, Entertainment
Amongst Black Lives Matters Protests, Butterflies and Demons is a timely read, challenging readers to confront their own racial views and opinions.
‘Don’t Wait for the Green Light’ is Andy’s sometimes humorous but highly emotional new book about her fight to get back on the race track.

announced by Samira Vivette 3 months , category: Books & Literature, Poetry, Art
Author Samira Vivette is making waves with her debut book, 'Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts’, ranking #1 best-seller in Australian and Oceanian Poetry and #2 in Poetry by Women alongside Rupi Kaur within only 24 hours of its release.

announced by ACN Newswire 3 months , category: Books & Literature
Groundbreaking ideas introduced to a new generation of thinkers via bestselling book.
Our senior years are known for settling down, ticking things off our bucket list and spending time with grandchildren.
Six months ago, the 20 people in newly released anthology I Fly had never met but their stories of overcoming adversity will be the common thread that inspires thousands, because of their bravery in sharing such personal stories.

Pam Burnett, founder of sustainable hospitality apparel company, CREAM Collection, is launching a new online hub to help support restaurants to promote their altered service offerings.   #GourmetToYou...
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