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Dear Editor,   Much heat and very little light has been generated by the public brawl between a marketing group and a political party over the use of the non-word "lambassador". This is an argument concerning...

announced by Scratch Pet Health Pty Ltd 7 days , category: Pets & Animals
Scathing report into Pet Food industry tabled in Senate today
Scratch Pet Food: bringing transparency & better ingredients to pet food

Dear Editor,   We used to laugh about six degrees of separation, now it’s time to cry about half a degree of devastation.   The latest IPCC report on global warming issued this week in Korea has detailed...

Dear Editor,   The public are rightly outraged over the decision of the NSW government to allow horse racing advertisements on the sails of the Opera House. What’s next – booze ads on the walls of...

Dear Editor,   The news that the government has released its latest national greenhouse gas inventory report on the eve of the football Grand Finals was met in the press with some cynicism. The report...

Dear Editor,   People in Western Australia and throughout the country are horrified at reports of what police have described as the "disturbing and cowardly" torture and killing of two kangaroos. Police...
  Are Australian meat chickens genetically modified? Modern breeds of chicken are no more genetically modified (GM) than your poodle or Labrador.  Given consumers' uncertainty around whether chickens...

announced by The PR Guy 27 days , category: Pets & Animals, Rural & Agriculture, Science
Sydney man the catalyst for global 'game-changer'
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