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announced by Mumpower about 1 month , category: Lifestyle, Media & Marketing, News and Current Affairs
The Habits Shaping the Future (Part 1)
Did you know what your customers are thinking, feeling or even saying about your brand, competitors, or industry?
Today’s Mums are completely overwhelmed by brand choices on their supermarket shelves, retail stores, Instagram feeds and everything in between.

Australia’s number one agency that connects millions of mums with brands, Kids Business Communications is back with their Bloggers Brunch™ this October 25th in Melbourne with leading brands taking centre stage.
Kids Business is thrilled to announce their signature event, the Bloggers BrunchTM is coming to Queensland for the first time, on Friday 27th July - due to overwhelming demand.
announced by Mumpower over 2 years , category: Media & Marketing
Sleeping on the job just got real for Kids Business Communications as Protect-A-Bed® renews its PR, Marketing and Influencer representation with the agency for another year.

announced by Mumpower over 3 years , category: Food & Beverages, Lifestyle, Media & Marketing
Kids Business Communications, the pr and marketing to mum specialist agency, is excited to announce the brands voted in as winners of the Bloggers BrunchTM Bloggers Choice Awards, for the recent Bloggers BrunchTMheld in Sydney earlyMay.
Medela interviewed 7,800 mums to find out how a Midwife shapes the confidence of a mum. Given that 70% of all births have a midwife involved, it is interesting to see what a difference they can make.

announced by Mumpower over 3 years , category: Children & Teenagers, Fashion
If the ultimate goal is to secure a good night sleep, both for parents and baby, then the new product innovations from The Sleepy Company are every parents’ dream.
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