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Royal Wolf provided safe passage for Townsville residents during the construction of the nine-level Ergon Energy leased office tower, on busy Flinders Street. The 50 metre long containerised walkway or hoarding, was independently engineered and certified
New Zealand steel framework and design company FRAMECAD, is exclusively using Royal Wolf containers to create their innovative mobile ‘Factory in a Can’ concept, which helps build permanent and temporary housing in developing countries and remote loca
When McAlpine Hussmann Pty Ltd needed to provide a compact and permanent Refrigeration Plant System to Coles, Knox City, they turned to Royal Wolf for an expert solution - creating a unique power plant built using a 40ft modified Royal Wolf container.Loca
Royal Wolf has donated a 40ft shipping container to cBraille - a specially created lighting-based exhibition for the blind that raises awareness of the importance and use of light to benefit the vision impaired.