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The Exchange team has grown up in the world of telecommunications, not in the general media. So when we find out what's happening, we know why it happens and what it means. Exchange and Exchange Asia are headed up by Stuart Corner, a respected veteran with 16 years' experience in the telecommunications industry. Stuart's background and training span electronics, information technology and education. He has the skills to analyse and communicate complex issues, delivering the key facts and the right conclusions. His extensive network of sources includes the movers and shakers in the industry, from the big guns to the new elite. The Exchange support team includes Paul Chapman, until recently senior economist at the Centre for Telecommunication and Information Networking at the University of Adelaide. Paul has a background as a policy adviser to governments, businesses and trade unions. The Exchange Asia support team includes staff of the Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific (RIAP), University of Sydney. A key area of RIAP's expertise is in Asia's Information Economy, particularly in internet, media and democracy; e-governance; digital divide; information infrastructure; and IT public policy and planning. RIAP currently advises Japan's Ministry of Finance in strategies to alleviate South East Asia's digital divide source: www.3rdwave.com.au May 2003

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