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Dream Design Property (DDP) is a full-service property investment consultancy. Set up in 2012 by the Sri Lankan-born, Australian resident and entrepreneur, Zaki Ameer, DDP is a respected and notable wealth creation company that uses a program of proven strategies leveraged by a team of experts whose abilities span an impressive diversity of skill-sets. In addition to Australia, DDP works in and across numerous territories including Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Florida in the USA and Rwanda Africa. DDP takes it clients through the journey of creating and building their property portfolio at breakneck speeds, using a combination of several strategies that encompass everything from finance to renovation. DDP has financed people into their first property based on their serviceability and then rolled them into their fourth and even fifth properties without selling any of their portfolio. DDP can access loans from all major lender. It is also a full-service offer, handling everything from the design of the investment strategy, through to renovation, and property rental management. Meaning that almost nothing is required from the client in the process. Using its considerable buying power DDP works with some of Australia's best developers and builders to offer its clients exclusive cash-backs that similar companies just can't match. DDP buys over 1,000 properties each year and is 100% dedicated to helping clients build sustainable portfolios that they can afford to hold on to for the long-term. DDP nurtures close relationships with all of its customers, with its employees going to great lengths to make sure that they are able to make informed decisions when it comes to their investments. Being shown how to add value to all property portfolios, while lowering any exposure to unnecessary expenses and risk is a critical element in DDP’s business approach. DDP ensures that the entire investment journey is completely transparent to its clients, so that they can simply sit back and watch as their investments are expertly taken care of, grow in value and are added to by subsequent purchases. From finance approval, through to finding a property manager to secure a tenant - everything is simply and effectively taken care of. DDP offers ten key services to its clients: 1) consultation, 2) investment strategy, 3) finance brokerage, 4) property search, 5) buyer’s agenting, 6) investment property reporting, 7) conveyancing, 8) renovations; 9) first home buying, and 9) property management services. Initial Consultations In its free initial consultation DDP will show its clients the specifics of its rapid property growth strategy. Whether the client decides to proceed with DDP or not, by the end of their one-hour consultation they’ll have enough information to walk away with all of the tools to be highly successful in property investment. Property Investment Strategy Investment strategies are bespoke, as everyone wants and needs something different. Some want more cash-flow, while others want more future equity. DDP works closely with its clients to decide what their individual strategy should look like. Finance Investing The team at DDP has been assisting clients to receive finance for their investment properties since the company’s conception. All DDP staff are highly experienced in ensuring a positive outcome that is suitably matched to the serviceability of the client. Property Search DDP believe that finding the perfect property is not about the time put into the search - it’s about thorough research, market knowledge and understanding the major players that work within it. When a property is about to hit the market, DDP finds out first and its key research team can tell a client almost instantly if it’s going to be worth a look. Buyer’s Agent A great buyer’s agent is the difference between buying one property and building a diverse property portfolio. DDP buyers’ agents are not incentivised by the property their clients buy, which means their opinion is completely unbiased and transparent. DDP is comprised of seasoned negotiators and its network of selling agents that represent vendors are very much aware of this. They know that DDP always sticks to its word, on behalf of its clients, as a serious buyer. Investment Property Reporting DDP makes sure its clients are well informed prior to any purchasing decision, giving them detailed reports before they place an offer as part of the due-diligence. DDP reports are prepared by its research department and are extremely thorough, listing the benefits and likely outcomes of purchasing. Normally engaging the services of a regular property research company is formidably expensive. DDP provides expert advice at a fraction of the price. Conveyancing Conveyancing for buyers is often confusing and stressful. DDP recognises that it is crucial that the entire process is controlled by people who understand the client’s full situation. This is why DDP is far ahead of general ‘single service’ competitors. DDP’s conveyancing company has handled hundreds of deals for its clients so they know exactly the level of service that is expected. DDP avoids double handling wherever possible, sharing important data down the property purchase lifecycle, from the client’s finance company to their DDP mentor and eventually to conveyancing when the purchase requires it. Renovations Quality renovations can add extreme value to a property, but it is vital that the investor gets advice on exactly what will make money and what will cost money. DDP specialists in renovating properties to create financial freedom. While it is highly experienced in all kinds of renovations, DDP’s number one focus is helping clients reach financial freedom by renovating properties to rent for more than their mortgage repayments. DDP is dedicated to building equity fast so that clients can step to their next investment. DDP calls this ‘rapid property portfolio growth’. First Home Buyers Process DDP will show its clients how to invest so that their money works smartly and helps builds a portfolio rather than creating a one-off “ball and chain” investment. If a client is really tight for cash and the grant is what is getting them over the line, then it’s probably more important than ever for them to be buying the right property. Most of DDP’s clients end up with more weekly cash-flow after buying a property than before they bought one - something that most traditional properties simply can’t claim. Property Management Services Securing an investment to buy property is the first stage, but DDP knows that making the money perform is another thing all together. DDP tells its clients what the value of their property is worth. DDP is a trusted agent geared up to treat its clients’ investments seriously and help investors act quickly with tenants that breach the terms of their agreement. ---------- DDP’s ultimate goal is to lead by its commitment to use property as a vehicle to create financial freedom for its clients. To that end the company has turned many every-day, hard-working people into wealthy property investors using its unique array of strategies, experienced staff and multiple services. DDP is based in Sydney CBD. For more information please visit www.ddpproperty.com.au

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