About Us

MediaHub Australia is a joint venture company established by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the WIN Television Network (WIN TV). MediaHub Australia is a large-scale, multi-client digital media, play-out and distribution facility, currently delivering over 170 channels to the Australian metropolitan and regional markets. MediaHub embraces the future of broadcasting, including delivery for IPTV, mobile content and other handheld devices and provides the opportunity for clients to deliver cost-effective services to their audiences. MediaHub offers clients a centralised digital media handling facility, including presentation, master control (MCR) functions, media asset management and archive storage, where content is received, prepared and distributed as required. This includes content from external sources such as studios, outside broadcasts, international feeds or production environments. MediaHub Australia at a glance; • A true tapeless environment • Receives and delivers SD and HD content in multiple formats • Capacity to store and forward content and associated metadata • Broadcast breakout facilities offering the delivery of unique simultaneous live programming to local, state and territory markets • Staffed “24/7” ensuring the ability to respond instantly to service delivery issues • Configured to deliver over 300 channels • A centralised facility which represents a net reduction of energy demand and environmental footprint The facility incorporates over 5,000 kilometres of cabling, 200 broadcast and media servers and 100 presentation mixers and automation units

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Office: 9/11 Heald Road, Ingleburn, New South Wales, Australia