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DataReSource Shines Light on Missing Data

Exploration companies in Australia, PNG, and New Zealand looking for data in their acreages have a new partner to assist them in locating hard to find vintage and contemporary data in their areas of interest.

DataReSource, a new Perth based company, now offers a comprehensive search and rescue service for hard to find or missing data sets for the oil and gas industry.  The service is focuses on the delivery of Seismic, Well, Navigation, Elevation and Potential Field Data that is difficult to find or was thought to be lost.  In addition DataReSource is partnering with some of the best sources of data in the industry to create a one stop stop to find data from vendors and government agencies alike. 

Zane Prickett, wireline engineer and Managing Director at DataReSource says that “There is a substantial amount of data that remains undiscovered in the industry that is vital to exploration companies to help facilitate exploration programs across the country.  DataReSource is uniquely positioned to make these data sets discoverable allowing exploration companies the ability to use vintage data instead of acquiring new data, saving them a lot of time and a vast amount of money.”

In addition, DataReSource is launching a data search engine to the industry allowing users to discover resource data and for data owners to list and promote data sets that are of significant interest to the industry. Service companies or Oil and Gas organizations interested in having their data promoted though the DataReSource search system are welcome to contact DataReSource.  

DataReSource has a well-established industry network and comprehensive database of resource data that is now available for companies to locate hard to find, or once thought missing or lost data.  Zane Prickett stated that “DataReSource has already helped many companies locate well logs and seismic data thought lost by explorers, saving them potentially tens of millions of dollars”.  If you need additional data in your area of interest, free to search the DataReSource search engine on www.dataresource.com.au or contact DataReSource for a quick and efficient data solution on 1 300 660 982.

About DataReSource

DataReSource is a specialist data vendor focused on making exploration data for the oil and gas industry discoverable.  The data on offer is a combination of government data assets, private industry assets and hard to find datasets once thought lost to the industry.  DataReSource also offers a confidential buying and selling service, a data listing service for data assets that are for sale by various vendors, and a data detective service to help companies locate data assets that are specific to their needs. To find out more please visit www.DataReSource.com.au