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"Supernerd" regains national quiz title

Fourth national title for Issa Schultz

"Supernerd" regains national quiz title

Issa Schultz, star of The Chase – Australia, regained his national title with victory in the Australian leg of the World Quizzing Championships on Saturday, 4th June.

It was the fourth national title for Schultz when he reclaimed the title from two-time winner Ross Evans who finished fourth.  Rick Bakker (second) and Yolanda Stopbar (third) filled the other places.

Schultz also claimed his fifth successive Australian Pairs title, and third in succession with Michael Logue. Evans teamed up with Leon Derry, Jim Huxley and Shane Francis to take the Australian Teams title.

Part of the 14th World Quizzing Championships, almost 2,000 quizzers from all over the world took part simultaneously with the Australian round hosted in Sydney by Quizzing Australia.

Kevin Ashman, star of the BBC quiz show Eggheads was the overall event winner, claiming his fifth world title.

The WQC was first held in 2003 in England with about 50 participants, but is now a genuinely worldwide event with about 100 venues across more than 40 countries.

Unlike the pub trivia many people are familiar with, the WQC is an individual, written quiz and the questions are not for the faint-hearted.

It had added importance this year as the inaugural Quiz Olympiad will be held in Athens, Greece in November 2016 and the WQC is the main section trial for the Australian team.  Quizzing Australia will announce the Australian team in August.



Sample questions (answers below)

1.      The only film on Oscar history to receive four female acting nominations, which 1950 film starred Bette Davis as an aging Broadway star and also provided Marilyn Monroe with one of her first important roles?

2. Known for its ice rink and Christmas tree, the main building of which New York art deco complex is known as 30 Rock?

3. From independence in 1965 until 2015, which country expanded its territory by 23%- not via military conquest, but by land reclamation?

4. Which European country leads the water polo medal tables at all Olympic Games, with nine golds?

5. Now used for many alcoholic beverages, what name was originally given to a drink made with water, weak beer and rum that was introduced into Britain’s Royal Navy in 1740?






1.       All About Eve

2.       Rockefeller Centre

3.       Singapore

4.       Hungary

5.       Grog






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