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Unhygienic practices can lead to illness and injury

Taking care of your home becomes more challenging later in life and it can also become hazardous if not dealt with properly.

From dirty dishes to household clutter, health and safety in your own home should be a top priority and not something to stress over. Yet, there is growing concern that Australian seniors are putting their health at risk through untidy living environments according to Gold Coast based General Practitioner Dr Michelle Groves.

“I see more and more patients coming in with illnesses as a result of accidents in the home. It also concerns me that elderly people do not have the capacity to clean up after themselves and that then results in illness, including food poisoning,” said Dr Groves.

“No one wants to see their parents or loved ones living in an unclean or cluttered home, nor do they want to be the one living in that situation.

“Home is where people over 50 are spending majority of their time so it is important that they are in a comfortable and hygienic environment,” she said.

Home cleaning service providers also guarantee that your home is being taken care of by someone who is qualified in their job and can be trusted in the presence of your possessions.

James’ Home Services CEO Mike Dowling says many seniors have many valuables in their home, making them more susceptible to scammers.

“Our senior citizens are at high risk of being targeted by con artists who take on roles in the home to gain access to valuables such as jewellery and heirlooms,” he said.

“When you hire a cleaner from a reputable company such as James’ Home Services, you have peace of mind knowing that the person you are allowing inside your home is police-checked, fully insured and a trusted professional.

“House cleaning services are well suited to seniors and elderly citizens who are living on a fixed income. Prices are quoted around particular jobs so seniors know exactly what they will need to pay.

“Many seniors living at home are still independent and only require some assistance to take care of their house – making this type of service perfect for them,” said Mike who has been in the cleaning industry for close to 30 years.

With more senior citizens opting to stay at home longer, home services continue to grow – providing a greater sense independence and equality throughout the community. James’ Home Services franchisees regularly work with seniors, as the company is a service provider for highly-regarded aged care support services providers such as Prescare https://www.prescare.org.au/ 

Visit www.jameshomeservices.com.au to learn more about the services offered and to book either a one-off or regular visit from one of the James’ Home Services franchisees.

MEDIA NOTE: To interview Mr Dowling or Dr Groves, please contact Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott on 0422 504 540.