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Australian Christmas Movie to play in the majority of US households on Christmas.

Announcement posted by Candice Meisels PR 08 Dec 2021

Successful Thanksgiving premiere means Christmas Down Under gets a PrimeTime Christmas Day slot on ION.


Australia, 8th December 2021, Christmas Down Under, a proudly Australian made film set in Sydney has been released on ION network in the US in the lead up to Christmas. 

ION network is in 60.63 per cent of US homes (or 189,453,097 Americans with at least one television set). ION Media’s flagship, ION Television, is the most widely distributed and watched independent broadcast network in the U.S.

Australian Producer, Adam Horner, says: “This was not an easy film to make, and now, seeing all the cast and crews hard work being broadcast to millions of people, on a major US network is something we’re all really proud of. And to top it all off we recently got word that the movie was selected for the Primetime slot on Christmas Day. It is all very exciting!”.

Christmas Down Under is one of Australia’s first movies to be released on ION. Christmas Down Under premiered on Thanksgiving and has since secured the prime time slot on Christmas Day.

Tasmanian Based Executive Producer Maarten “Fish” Talbot, who wore multiple hats throughout production concludes: ‘We’re proud to have produced a movie independently in Australia, and specifically post produced in Tasmania that is getting a wide release in the US’


Justine Kacir

Paul O’Brien

John Jarratt

Laila Thacker

Varun Fernando

Antionette Iesue

Yasmin Horner

Brooke Liz

Tia Beale

Louis Mandylor

Produced by Adam Horner

Directed by Louis Mandylor

Written by Leigh Joel Scott


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