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Aussie Startup Fleetyr partners with worldwide transport management company Fleetio

Announcement posted by Fleetyr 17 Jan 2022


Fleetio, a leading fleet maintenance software, has selected Fleetyr as a preferred development services provider for third-party software integrations. Fleetyr uses Fleetio's application programming interface (API) to integrate mutual customers' existing software systems with Fleetio to allow for data sharing, visibility and automation. This connectivity allows users to make better data-driven decisions and ensure a safer and more productive fleet.

Through this partnership, organizations will have the ability to seamlessly integrate Fleetio with third-party solutions that are not currently included in the Fleetio App Directory.

Fleetio currently offers over 35 out-of-the-box integration options through its App Directory, plus connectivity with over 50,000 national, regional and independent shop partners through its Maintenance Shop Integration. By adding Fleetyr as a development services provider, Fleetio software integration options have vastly expanded, allowing endless integration opportunities and resulting in a more connected fleet management process. 

Fleetio and Fleetyr are excited for the opportunities that this new partnership brings to mutual customers.

"We see Fleetio as a genuine industry leader and innovator, globally. Becoming the preferred partner for integration and analytics services is the bee's knees for us. Working with Fleetio and their network of organizations speaks directly to our mission of driving empowerment through united data for all,” says Tim Hill, Fleetyr Chief Executive Officer. “The team at Fleetio are a bunch of passionate, intelligent and delightful people, so it makes a lot of sense why the company is so successful. Although we’re only in early days, we already feel like teammates with Fleetio, and I know the partnership will be incredibly successful."

“Fleetio’s open API allows us to connect to various products, enhancing the customer experience. The decision to add Fleetyr as a development services provider will expand integration options for Fleetio customers, continuing to make Fleetio a more automated system, which helps mutual customers track, analyze and improve their fleet operations,” says Meghan Saunders, Partner Marketing Manager at Fleetio.

To learn more about Fleetio’s Fleetyr integration, please visit https://www.fleetio.com/app-directory/development-services/fleetyr

Download the partnership graphic and Fleetio logo here

About Fleetio

Fleetio builds simple, collaborative software that helps fleets of all sizes track, analyze and improve fleet operations. With a mobile-first mindset and focus on automating the fleet operations process through seamless integrations with business solutions like telematics devices, maintenance shops and fuel cards, Fleetio’s web- and mobile-based technology enables fleet managers, drivers, mechanics and vendors to access and update fleet data in real-time and get actionable insights like total cost of ownership. With Fleetio, users can manage maintenance, DVIRs, fuel, parts, inventory, vehicle assignments, recalls and more all in one place. Fleetio powers public and private fleets in more than 80 countries in industries like consumer and business services, construction, transportation and many others. Visit us at www.fleetio.com.

For media inquiries, please contact cmaxwell@fleetio.com.

About Fleetyr
Fleetyr is a data integration and analytics platform that connects, cleans, enriches and makes data talk through visualizations. Fleetyr’s integration and analytical services provide actionable insights that help businesses continuously improve. Using the best technology infrastructure available, Fleetyr has built integrations and analytical dashboards for businesses worldwide.

Fleetyr was established in Brisbane, Australia by three friends who brought their decades of experience in data together to create a platform that allows any business to unify and make the most of their data.

In 2021, Fleetyr introduced its Data for Good program to get closer to reaching its mission of "Unified data for all." The program offers Fleetyr's services either at cost or free to Not-for-Profits and social enterprises trying to solve humanitarian issues around poverty, health, human rights, education and the environment.