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EStore Factory’s is Sharing Branding Ideas To Online Business Owners

Announcement posted by eStore Factory 28 Feb 2022

EStore Factory is a No-1 Amazon seller consultancy agency offering high-end branding solutions in the Australia. They have the special expertise in Amazon, Shopify, and ecommerce sales and promotions.

eStore Factory is intrigued to provide holistic branding ideas for online business owners, whether selling on independent eCommerce websites or Amazon, Shopify, etc. Glyn Jones, the head of their Australia business said- “Have a strategic blueprint before starting branding for a successful venture.” Branding is an essential and mandatory process that even small businesses and startups have to undergo beside the reputed brands to connect with their target audience.

EStore Factory is eager to spread awareness by explaining that no matter how fine the products or the services are- if it doesn’t reach the target audience- the business will not be a successful venture. Therefore, having an Amazon seller consultant strategizing the marketing can bring better visibility. Effective branding services from a reliable agency can improve the traffic influx to the Amazon or Shopify store, and the sellers can expect to witness a higher sales rate.


Norah Perry, a digital marketing professional at EStore suggested, “If you’re standing at a juncture where your small business needs to be introduced to the audiences then you have to find an agency for branding via advanced digital marketing solutions. You should also depend on printed materials from posters to banners to help to promote your business.”

John Harris, an SEO professional in EStore Factory discussed the benefits of defining your brand. He rightfully said-“Branding is labeling your brand. Thus, when you are all set to cater to the target audience, you should be prepared with the proper definitions such as the mission, vision proposition, and value of the products and services you are branding for. Knowing your product/services is thus very important.”

Online visibility was also a significant area of discussion. Norah’s take on the diverse digital marketing solutions for branding the online business was appreciated where she added-“With SEO, SMO, PPC, Link Building, content posting, online reputation management, and email marketing- the digital marketing companies will strategize a winning branding campaign for your business.”

Despite Amazon Storefront designing and branding digitally, sometimes direct marketing by sharing flyers, brochures improve B2B or B2C business at expos or conferences help businesses towards brand exposure. Also, let professional business representatives interact from your side. The printed materials create an instant connection with the receivers and some of them can turn into dedicated customers in the upcoming days.  

According to Jay Sloan, a branding consultant at EStore Factory, the logo has a lot to empower any brand. He asked investors to- “Use the color, logo design, and the words on the logo until and unless your company is undergoing a merging or experiencing a huge change altogether. Changing logos reduces the strength of branding as people get confused about the stagnancy and consistency of the brand. 

EStore Factory is focusing on building brands for small businesses helped many enthusiasts to learn new avenues to improve their brand exposure. Many of them confessed the ideas to be the most effective tips for branding small businesses or startups.

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