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Most common occupational accidents in the logistics sector

Announcement posted by Withstand Lawyers 12 May 2022

In transportation and logistics management, accidents, damages, and losses can occur in all processes from the producer to the consumer, from the sender to the buyer of the product.

Logistics: It is defined as the planning, implementation and control of the flow and storage processes of a product or resource from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Shipping, storage, packaging, and shipping are counted as areas of logistics services.

Logistics activities need educated workforce as well as information and technology. With the abandonment of traditional production models and the implementation of more complex models, it is observed that work accidents and loss of work force due to work accidents increase and there is a decrease in the performance of the employees. Thousands of people lose their lives, hundreds of thousands of people are injured, and families, society and workplaces face high costs every year due to the wrong practices used in the industry and the violation of occupational safety rules by employees around the world. Some occupational accidents not only cause costs but also cause serious social problems. Naturally, in all units of the logistics sector, where human labour is intense, it is necessary to give importance to occupational and worker health.


Traffic accidents come first

In transportation and logistics management, accidents, damages, and losses can occur in all processes from the producer to the consumer, from the sender to the buyer of the product. However, according to statistics, traffic accidents take the first place among occupational accidents in the logistics sector.

The causes of traffic accidents are listed as follows:

  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Drivers working more than legal working hours
  • Time pressure
  • Irregular working hours
  • Vehicles not maintained
  • Insufficient control of drive parts such as tires/chains

Warehouses, distribution centres and transitions between transportation types, i.e. transfers, are the regions where the risk increases. Managers need to evaluate and manage the processes they see as risks well. This is a necessity not only in terms of cost control and management, but also in terms of life safety, environmental safety, and legal framework. Therefore, it is necessary to closely follow and strictly comply with the legislation on occupational health and safety in all enterprises.


Stacking errors are important in accidents in warehouses

To prevent possible occupational accidents in warehouses, which are one of the important working areas of the logistics sector, it is important to train employees and managers and to emphasise the importance that companies attach to occupational safety. It is seen that most of the work accidents in the warehouses are caused by the errors in the stacking equipment used. It is the cause of most of the occupational accidents that occur in the storage areas in logistics.

The wrong practices are listed as follows.

  • Unauthorised use of stacking equipment
  • Misuse of stacking equipment
  • Transporting passengers on vehicles such as forklifts
  • Fast handling of forklift trucks
  • Pedestrian and vehicle roads are not separated

Most of the accidents in the warehouses are recorded as accidents with job loss of 3 days or more. To reduce the number of accidents experienced in the sector, it is extremely important that occupational safety studies are an integral part of the actual work, and that all levels of management and employees accept and act accordingly. In the event of an occupational accident, the worker may have the right to claim compensation. You can find out about your legal rights and what you need to do by talking to the worker's compensation lawyers in Sydney.

For this purpose, the guidance and suggestions of the occupational safety experts operating in the enterprises should be carefully listened and what can be done for a safer working environment should be considered.