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Juiced Life and Naked Foods Launch Exclusive Snack Pack

Announcement posted by Juiced Life 13 May 2022

Making healthy snacks convenient and accessible

Local brands Juiced Life and Naked Foods have partnered up to launch a limited-edition snack pack, available exclusively online. 

Juiced Life is the purveyor of nutritionist-led juices, cleanses and healthy snacks. With a goal to offer consumers convenient, more nutritious options, Juiced Life’s juice shots target specific health benefits - from liver detoxification to immunity and digestion. The impressive ingredients are selected for their support functions, utilising a number of superfoods, fruits and vegetables. Each juice shot is available in an easily tote-able 50mL bottle, ideal for consuming on the go or keeping on hand for when the need hits. 

A partnership with organic bulk wholefoods supplier Naked Foods was inevitable, reflecting the same ideals and focus on high-quality, health-boosting staples. As the brands agree, everyone deserves a healthy life. 

Each Daily Powerpack in the collaboration includes a Juiced Life juice shot and two bite-sized snack options: vegan protein ball, dried mulberries, cacao almonds, yoghurt pretzels, cacao powerball, dark chocolate-coated macadamias. 

With the energising boost of a juice shot and healthy treat, 3.30-itis and the desperate reach for heavily-processed snacks are things of the past. 

Embrace the healthier alternative and create a daily vibe. The packs retail for $7.50 and are now available for purchase online at Juiced Life and Naked Foods

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