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Wild Secrets & Sydney Vivid Film Festival

Announcement posted by PHE International Pty Ltd 20 Jun 2022

Taking The Taboo Out Of Sexual Wellbeing



Sydney | June 2022 | Wild Secrets are continuing to be a leading voice in the sexual wellness revolution that has been prevalent in recent times across Australia. For the first time in history of the Sydney Vivid Film Festival, online retailer Wild Secrets has been playing their current animated brand campaign in Pitt St Mall & Martin Place, Sydney for the duration of the film festival.
It is one of many steps aimed to open up shame free conversations about sex. Wild Secrets also regularly release expert sex and lifestyle advice on their blog, and even created the educational Instagram channel @knowme_au to close the 'O Gap' in relationships. Along with renowned sexologist Kass Mourikis, Wild Secrets is navigating open and safe discussions about sex in todays society in their current sexual wellness series of events.
Wild Secrets is Australia's biggest online retailer of sex toys, with the widest range of quality products enabling adults to easily and affordably boost their sex lives. Inspire all fun-loving adults to enhance and confidently celebrate their sexuality, and the healthy and acceptable role that sex toys play in a fulfilling sex life.
It’s Wild Secrets mission to empower and educate Australians about the joy of sex so they can own and take control of their pleasure. A little self-love makes a big difference, and we’re here to support every Australian on their sexual wellness journey.
Marketing Manager, Adam Lea said: "For too long sexual wellness has been in the taboo cupboard, this has meant many people have lived in shame and carried unnecessary burdens. Wild Secrets are all about freedom, diversity, empowerment and sexual liberation. Being able to show our animation in such prominent locations in Sydney and during the daytime, is highly significant of progress."
Thanks to the support for health and wellness from Vivid. See you again next year.   


Sally Brady 

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