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August 4, 2022 - For long, Body Aware male forms have been squeezed into a few standard sizes, colors and designs. When they don’t seem to fit the standard, they’ve been asked to compromise: their confidence, their sensuality, their sense of belonging.
XDress was created to challenge many of these standards with elegantly engineered solutions. XDress threw out a century-old sizing system and made their measurements on real bodies. XDress swapped frills and excess for clean silhouettes, sourced fabrics with luxury feel and performance strength, challenged the notion that sensuality is anything other than a self-defined state of being. The result is a collection of iconically unlined men’s lingerie and underwear designed to accentuate, not alter, the male form. In light of this, XDress is joining millions of his clients in celebrating the National Underwear day.
With every man who finds his fit, XDress is shaping a modern legacy of sensuality. XDress’ design philosophy is rooted in everyday reverence for every man’s body. They are in awe of the male form and believe the act of dressing it each morning should always be far from ordinary.
The ease and customization that online shopping store “Xdress” provides. The company makes the best bras and panties a male could ever wear. They design silhouettes that naturally shape and unabashedly celebrate a man’s body, curate color through an artistic lens, elevating the bra from a utilitarian basic to an expressive foundation. XDress also dig into art history and call upon modern muses, they measure the weight a man carries, and create collections strong enough to support him.
It's time that all men lived unapologetically free. Free from judgments. Free from self-doubt. Free to be oneself. That's why all XDress products, from the most comfortable men’s lingerie to super absorbent underwear, are designed to make men feel more comfortable in their own skin.
Where others add excess, XDress focus on excellence. From high-performance fabrics to innovative flexiwire, they’re engineering a new standard of sensuality: one with minimal frills & maximum support.
For more information, kindly click on the links below;
www.xdress.com https://xdress.com/blogs/news https://www.youtube.com/user/XDressAZ
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