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Announcement posted by Antoine Nohra 21 Oct 2022

Dr Antoine Nohra the Albany Dentist at Amity Dental Centre is expert in root canal procedure. He worked exclusive root canal for Six years in Qatar and now he is providing Albany community the best service in Root canal Treatment.

When you hear the dentist saying the tooth needs root canal treatment would your heart sink a little bit? At Amity Dental Centre we understand that many patients are nervous about root canal treatment. However, we tend to reassure the patient that this specialized treatment is always pain-free and essential to save the tooth from being extracted – an outcome nobody wants. It really is nothing to be scared of.


Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is performed when the pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes infected. This happens when a patient neglect a sensitive tooth that has a hole becoming sore from time to time and can result also from untreated tooth decay, accident or injury. You may or may not be aware that your tooth has been damaged; the first sign that something is wrong is usually toothache.

Dr Antoine Nohra, the Albany Dentist at Amity Dental Centre  is expert in root canal procedure he usually uses special files to clean the tooth of infection. After cleaning the space inside the root this is then filled to stop further infection occurring. In most cases, the tooth is then ready to have a porcelain crown to give it extra strength following the procedure. All of this is done under local anesthetic under the same roof at Amity Dental Centre, so you should experience no pain or discomfort.


The root canal procedure and the crown are performed by the dentist in Albany, Dr Antoine Nohra who is highly skilled and experienced and is also known for his kind, compassionate nature, which make patients relaxed the hole procedure from start to finish.

Most patients who have had the procedure at our Amity Dental centre report it feels no different to having a standard filling, although your appointment might be longer because this is delicate, skilled work. You may need two or more appointments with the dentist to complete the root canal procedure to ensure all infection has cleared.

Some teeth have more canals than others (the front teeth often have one, the back teeth two or more) so the number of appointments will depend on which tooth is involved.

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on 20/10/2022 by Dr Antoine Nohra