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Onyx Cash For Cars Inaugurated A New Branch, Offering Outstanding Services To Ipswich City Residents

Announcement posted by Qld Car Wreckers Brisbane 07 Jun 2023


Onyx Cash for Cars has recently opened a new branch in Ipswich City. The company aims to offer great services to the residents of Ipswich City. Onyx Cash for Car has decided to expand its branch in the city of Ipswich to remove scrap cars from the roads of Australia. The firm is well-known for offering quality and fast car removal, car wrecking, selling my car Ipswich and cash for car Ipswich services. Services offered by Onyx Cash for cars have made it the best company in the automotive industry of Australia. 

Services Offered By Ipswich City Branch

Car Wreckers Ipswich

Onyx Cash for Cars will provide fast and affordable car wrecking services in Ipswich. Our company will cover all the locations in and around Ipswich. The main reason for expanding our services in Ipswich is to help people remove scrap and unwanted vehicles. We accept used, scrap, unregistered, rusted and salvaged car bodies. 

Car Removal Ipswich

Our company is committed to offering reliable car removal services to Ipswich residents. Removal of scrappy vehicles is very important. Thus, Onyx Cash for Cars has decided to offer fast car removal services. We aim to give an efficient and fast way of removing your cars. Onyx Cash for Cars is committed to increasing customer satisfaction in Ipswich. We will give top-quality broken car removal services.


Cash For Car Ipswich

In Ipswich city, Onyx cash for cars will pay a good amount of money for rusty and scrap vehicles. We will buy vehicles of any condition. Our company will give people in Ipswich city free cash quotes. We offer competitive pricing and also fair deals. 


Sell My Car In Ipswich

Onyx Cash for cars in Ipswich will provide its residents with a great opportunity for selling their unwanted cars for cash. We tried to keep our services as easy and simple as possible. Onyx Cash for Cars accepts any unwanted, scrap and broken vehicles. Our company uses advanced technology, a tried and tested process. Moreover, we have a team of experienced inspectors as well as valuers to ensure a positive customer experience. 


Onyx Cash for Cars has opened its branch in Ipswich to help people remove old and scrap cars from their garages. In such a way, the company is also contributing to environmental safety. 

About Onyx Cash For Cars 


Onyx Cash for Cars is one of the trusted and popular scrap car buyers in Ipswich, Australia. The company has been working in the automotive industry of Australia for many years. Onyx Cash for Cars offers various fast and quality services. For example, car wreckers, cash for cars, scrap car removal and selling my car for cash are some of them. This automotive company is working efficiently to meet all the needs of its clients. It has well-trained and qualified workers. Onyx Cash for Cars has the latest technologies and efficient tow trucks.  

Media Contact:


Name: Onyx Cash for Cars Ipswich

Address: 1 Harold Reinhardt Dr, Redbank Plains QLD 4301, Australia

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Phone: +61 7 2106 4029

Website:- https://www.onyxcashforcars.com.au/