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Sydney's hottest new venue: ‘Brookvale Surf Club’ swings open its doors

Announcement posted by Invigorate PR 21 Nov 2023

Discover the hottest new venue in the Northern Beaches: Where surf culture meets chic atmosphere

Sydney's newest venue, the Brookvale Surf Club, has swung open its doors just in time for the festive season. The club is located on the corner of Orchard Road, Brookvale in the Northern Beaches, and offers a stunning blend of lush, neon-chic indoor and outdoor spaces with a refreshingly relaxed neighbourhood feel, garnished by atmospheric DJ sets and live music. Tipped to quickly become one of Sydney's most popular casual dining scenes, the founders have dug deep to create a venue that successfully combines chilled dreamy surf vibes with a chic and slick atmosphere.  


Co-owners Kieran Bailey and Roland Bleyer are looking forward to sharing their new venue with the local community.  


"We are excited to be welcoming everyone to Brookvale Surf Club. We have worked really hard to create a space that pays homage to our great surfing history while also providing people with a cool, relaxed and fun place to hang out," Bleyer said.


"We have decked out both the interior and outdoor terrace area with Brookvale surfing memorabilia.  We connected up with local surfers to source nostalgic pieces that complement the venue's sleek and modern décor."


Evolving from a boutique tropical café in the morning into a lively but chilled afternoon and evening oasis, the Brookvale Surf Club is inspired by the cultural and historical figures of the Brookvale Six. These men were the founders of modern Australian surf culture, who throughout the 1950s and beyond, were the number one players in manufacturing surfboards in Australia. 


Bleyer and Bailey have pulled together an impressive hospitality team comprised of highly experienced international award-winning chefs, baristas and trend-setting bartenders. The menu delivers a selection of Aussie coastal staples with a twist, fine roasted coffee brews, cold beer, blissful cocktails and natural wines. 


"We have created a haven for experience-seekers and the music is as thought-through as the food and drinks menu. Expect DJ sets from street soul jazz to Balearic lounge beats. Live acoustic and surf vibe-inspired artists are also part of the incoming line-up," Bleyer said. 


"Modern-day surfing as we know it, all began with a group of Aussie blokes known affectionately as the Brookvale Six, after the six men who dominated the surfboard manufacturing industry in Australia in the 1950s. They ended up turning Brookvale into Surf City and supplied the entire country with surfboards," Bleyer explained. 


"Sun, sand, sea and surf, that's the ultimate classic Australian summer life. After a day of surfing, working or whatever it is that keeps you busy, you've just got to end it by tucking into some good food, listening to great music and downing some cold beer. 


"We've teamed up with SurfCraft Brewing to bring you an exclusive Brookvale Beer on tap, and it'll be the only place in Australia where you can get it every day. Just like us, SurfCraft Brewing draws its inspiration from the Brookvale Six and the history of surfing on the Northern Beaches to come up with this creative interpretation of the surf industry through beer."


The momentum and excitement have been building for months as locals watched the venue transform from an empty shell into the new Brookvale Surf Club; a club that many believe will become the darling of Brookvale.


"When you think about it, the lore of the Brookvale Six isn't just about surfboards. If you dig a little deeper, you'll realise that more than just that, it's also an incredible story about building a successful business that turned the tide on a part of Australian history. And underneath it all, it's a story of a beautiful friendship among these six young mates. We want to remember and celebrate that friendship at the Brookvale Surf Club," Bleyer said. 


"There's no better time and place on earth than right here, right now, to set up a place like this, in the birthplace of Australian surfing history.  


"We're in the place where Aussie surf history began, and we're here to continue the story over good food, awesome cocktails and laid-back music!"


About Brookfield Surf Club


The Brookvale Surf Club vision and design are headed up by industry veteran and proven good-vibes curator Keiran Bailey, the man behind iconic local Manly venues including Tropikana, Jamtown and Miss Marley's, along with Brookvale's LABEL - a unique multi-purpose warehouse-style spot that's part-club, part-bar, and part-art space. 


LABEL is in good company with the recent resurgence of Brookvale as a social hub and late-night locale. The formerly unremarkable industrial area is now a buzzing and ever-growing entertainment hotspot from day until evening. Locals and visitors enjoy Brookvale's brewery scene, perfect for a pub crawl on weekends, with the Brookvale Surf Club to be another stop driving up the sophistication with cocktails and fine beats. The perfect place for a boozy brunch and beyond.