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Titan ICT Granted Area-Wide Licence by ACMA, Unleashing 5G Potential for Mining & Energy

Announcement posted by Titan ICT 20 Nov 2023


Perth, Western Australia 20/11/23, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has officially granted Titan ICT, a leading player in the telecommunications industry, an area-wide apparatus licence, paving the way for ground-breaking enterprise private 5G deployments.  

The licence encompasses specific frequency ranges and geographic areas crucial for unleashing the full potential of next-generation telecommunications services in areas where mining and energy companies have operational activities.


This significant milestone solidifies Titan ICT's commitment to driving innovation in the telecommunications sector and spearheading the digital transformation of natural resource companies at the connectivity layer.


Titan ICT's clients and industry stakeholders alike are poised to benefit significantly from this area-wide licence acquisition. The AWL acquired by Titan ICT will be instrumental in delivering enhanced connectivity, ultra-fast data speeds, and unprecedented reliability to meet the growing demands of the digital age.


"We are thrilled to have secured this area-wide apparatus licence from the ACMA, as it unlocks immense potential for our clients" said Chris Upstone, Managing Director at Titan ICT. "This AWL acquisition positions Titan ICT at the forefront of private 5G innovation, allowing us to deliver cutting-edge solutions with our technology partners that will reshape the way our customers connect, communicate, and collaborate."

As Titan ICT continues to push the boundaries of technological advancement; clients, partners, and stakeholders can look forward to a new era of connectivity, where the possibilities of 5G are realised and harnessed.


About Titan ICT:

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This media release has been reviewed and approved by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).