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Fenning Timber Introduces Innovative Robotic Technology

Announcement posted by AE Gibson & Sons 20 Nov 2023

AE Gibson & Sons Robotic Timber Stacking Solutions

Fenning Timber is synonymous within the timber Industry, and currently a fifth generation privately owned timber conversion centre located in Victoria's East Gippsland region.


Fenning Timber are producers of quality Kiln Dried Hardwood sourced from Fenning Timbers private plantations, converting Victorian Ash timber into Kiln Dried Finger Jointed and Laminated products. Specialising in mostly F17 structural grade timber and also some furniture grade timber.


Having been part of the timber industry for over 70 years, Principal Leonard Fenning, is well known within the industry as a progressive staff-orientated leader, who excels in the field of technology, quality control and Occupational Health and Safety.


The Fenning Sawmill site in Bairnsdale has been a work in progress over the past 25 years. The site has been continually updated with leading edge technology along with modern, cost-effective plant and equipment. This is due to ongoing machinery upgrades for their dry mill as customer demand increases. The team also wanted to create a better place to work for staff, whilst removing all the mundane and heavy manual labour tasks with new automated technology. The changes have proven to be successful amongst the team as they enjoy working with the new technology. 


Gibson robotic timber stacking machinery


The team at AE Gibson & Sons have had a long business relationship with the team at Fenning since they commenced operation during early settlement in Kendall (Northern NSW) in the early 1900's.

After various site visits, investigations and project planning with the team at Fenning Timber, the engineering team at AE Gibson & Sons were able to develop an overall Robotic Timber Stacking solution. They introduced and installed innovative robotic sawmill technology and machinery customised to fit within their current sawmill production process and applications, to assist with heavy timber stacking.


The AE Gibson team successfully installed conveyor systems and robotic timber stacking machinery. It integrates well with the existing machinery Fenning had onsite to de-palletise and stack the timber, remove manual labour, increase reliability and production as well as improve safety for their team.


Overall Fenning Timber is an excellent innovative operation that is based upon professionalism, efficiency and sustainability. The management team at Fenning Timber have invested heavily in the business to build a successful, sustainable, and safe operation that their entire team are extremely proud to be associated with.


The team at AE Gibson & Sons continues to support the team at Fenning Timber and appreciates being part of their journey in the sawmilling industry for so many years, as well as being able to assist them with their sawmill machinery needs.


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Story by AE Gibson & Sons & Fenning Timber.