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Wonder Calls Unveils a Christmas Miracle for Kids Down Under!

Announcement posted by Wonder Calls 21 Nov 2023

Brisbane, Australia - Get ready for the sleigh ride of a lifetime as Wonder Calls officially launches, bringing the North Pole's enchantment straight into your living rooms, just in time for the festive season.


With Wonder Calls, families can forge extraordinary memories by connecting with Santa through personalised live video calls and messages. 


Founder Anne Wallace is overjoyed about the project, stating, "Wonder Calls isn't just a service; it's a portal to the enchantment of Christmas. We wanted to craft an experience that captures the spirit of the season and spreads joy to children across Australia."


In a landscape where digital experiences often dominate, Wonder Calls stands out by offering genuine, live video calls and messages directly from Santa himself. Founder Anne Wallace expressed her passion for preserving the authenticity of the Christmas experience, stating, "At Wonder Calls, we believe in real connections and genuine moments. Our Santa isn't an AI creation; he's the real deal, here to make Christmas truly magical for every child."


While various options are available for virtual interactions with Santa, Wonder Calls ensures an unparalleled experience with personalised live video calls, mailed invitations from the North Pole, and the promise of creating lasting memories for families. 

Wallace emphasises, "We understand the magic of Christmas lies in authentic connections, and that's what Wonder Calls delivers. 


To make each call truly special, parents will receive a short questionnaire in advance. This ensures Santa has all the necessary information about the child, including their achievements, hobbies, and gift wishes, making the experience uniquely tailored and magical."


"Christmas is a time of wonder and joy, and Wonder Calls is here to make it even more magical for families. Our goal is to spread happiness and create moments that children will remember for a lifetime," says Ms. Wallace.


As the countdown to Christmas begins, Wonder Calls invites families to secure their bookings early, as slots are limited. Visit www.wondercalls.com.au to reserve your spot and infuse your Christmas with a touch of magic. 



For press inquiries, contact:

Anne Wallace

Wonder Calls

Email: magic@wondercalls.com.au

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About Wonder Calls:

Wonder Calls is dedicated to bringing the magic of Christmas to life through personalised interactions with Santa. Founded by Anne Wallace, Wonder Calls seeks to create unforgettable memories for families during the holiday season.