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Top hospitality brands join EatClub giving Aussies more restaurant dining deals

Announcement posted by Invigorate PR 21 Nov 2023

EatClub expands with top hospitality brands, offering exclusive deals across Australia

As the festive season approaches, Aussies will be Googling around for great new dining venues to catch up with family and friends. Members of Australia's world-first restaurant dining deal app, EatClub, can now expect to dine at more top notch venues like the Hilton and Rydges, with a bevy of new restaurants and cafes partnering up with EatClub.


Pan Koutlakis, founder and CEO of the innovative EatClub platform, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary milestone, explained that the app enables restaurants on the platform to alert members of last minute restaurant dining deals within minutes at the click of a button. Keen diners can then snap up these deals on dining and drinks at restaurants with discounts of up to 50 percent. 


World-class venues join EatClub


"We are very excited to welcome international dining venues, QT, Rydges and Hilton to the EatClub platform. We know that customers will love having access to restaurant dining deals at these venues particularly in the coming weeks as everyone seeks out venues that are ideal for their upcoming festive celebrations. To be able to get great restaurant dining deals at these world-class venues is an exciting bonus," Koutlakis said. 


"Setting up an account with EatClub is as easy as downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play and entering your details. By adding your location, EatClub will automatically identify and push restaurant dining deals nearest to you. 


"For restaurants and other venues wanting to broaden their customer base, registering their venue with EatClub is a no-brainer. Millions of Aussies use this app every day to find and book restaurant dining deals, giving restaurants the perfect opportunity to maximise their reach, gain new customers and increase revenue." 


Mexican dining collective Milpa on board with six premier Mexican brands


"The good news keeps coming. In addition, we have also welcomed the Milpa Collective to EatClub, bringing on board names like Santa Catarina, Taqiza, Porch and Parlour and Bar Lucia. This means that diners now have even more choice and access to divine food and restaurant dining deals through the app."


"The timing is perfect. Mexican food is ideal for smart casual spring and summer dining in Australia and it seems like Aussies cannot get enough of the freshness and zest of tacos and tequilas.  Pair some hot off the grill Mexican chicken with some soft tacos and wash it down with some spicy cocktails and chef's kiss, you've got yourself a great dinner.


"That is the great thing about EatClub, we offer a broad range of wonderful establishments to suit any palate and every type of get-together. There is something for everyone on the app."


More eats, more treats


"We have also welcomed Perth's most famous burger chain Hoodburger to EatClub, along with Belles Hot Chicken, a hot favourite for those in Melbourne and Sydney. Belles Hot Chicken will be opening its first venue in Adelaide early next year which will give those in South Australia much to look forward to," Koutlakis added. 


"Family-style casual eateries are great for both week night and weekend meals with kids. You can even grab and go some takeaway on a week night when it gets too busy for making meals at home. 


"For those in Queensland, a number of great venues have come on board in Brisbane, just in time for the festive season. Diners can now access fantastic restaurant dining deals through EatClub at newly onboarded venues such as Mr Badger, Electric Avenue, Canvas Club, Mr J Rabbit, The Copacabana Club and The Tailors."


Spend time with family and friends


"Whether you want to spend time with family or friends or avoid the hassle of cooking at home, EatClub gives you the choice of tens of thousands of venues across the country with the best restaurant dining deals so that you can experience some of our industry's fantastic venues and have a great time out with others. Family-friendly, casual, smart casual, or fine dining, whatever your food style, we have a venue you will love," Koutlakis said. 


About EatClub


EatClub is a world-first app that enables dine-in and takeaway restaurants to generate additional revenue by offering last-minute deals of up to 50 percent off. Millions of people utilise the app to find and book dining deals. EatClub introduced EatClub Pay in 2023 to provide diners with the ability to seamlessly redeem dining deals and settle the bill with ease at time of payment using the restaurant's terminal. EatClub also recently rolled out a free online booking system facility for its venues enabling venues to take bookings online without any booking fees.  


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