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ReadiNow Unveils Dynamic New Logo Symbolising Agility, Innovation, and Digital Transformation

Announcement posted by ReadiNow 08 Feb 2024

A Visual Odyssey Reflecting ReadiNow's Commitment to Evolution and Excellence

[Sydney, Australia, 8th February 2024] — ReadiNow, the market-leading no-code digital transformation platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new logo, marking a significant milestone in the company's evolution. The emblematic design reflects ReadiNow's commitment to agility, innovation, and readiness for the future.


The new logo features a distinctive ribbon and tick, each carrying a symbolic representation of ReadiNow's core values and capabilities:


Ribbon of Agility and Flexibility

The dynamic ribbon within the logo stands as a symbol of ReadiNow's exceptional agility and flexibility. Going beyond its identity as a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform, ReadiNow distinguishes itself as a comprehensive digital transformation platform. Rooted in innovation and backed by patented technologies, ReadiNow offers a unique blend of no-code software and AI-powered tools. Its commitment to client-partnership driven development ensures it remains at the forefront of addressing diverse business needs. This logo reflects ReadiNow's multifaceted approach, encapsulating its role as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation providing essential business management tools for enterprise organisations.

The Tick of Assurance

The distinct tick in the logo stands as an assurance that ReadiNow is fully prepared to address present demands and future challenges. Specialising not just in GRC, but as a holistic digital transformation solution, ReadiNow empowers clients to confidently navigate the digital era, offering a future-proof platform that embodies cutting-edge technology and adaptability to streamline and increase productivity. As a pioneer in digital transformation, ReadiNow goes beyond conventional norms with its innovative AI-powered no-code platform.

A Platform Without Boundaries

The unveiling of the new logo aligns perfectly with the launch of ReadiNow's Nova UI, a state-of-the-art user interface crafted to significantly enhance user experience. This introduction showcases ReadiNow's unwavering commitment to ongoing innovation and a design philosophy that places the user at the forefront. The release of the Nova UI with the fresh logo marks a crucial leap in ReadiNow's journey to resolve the application gap for senior management within enterprise environments.

Learn more about ReadiNow NOVA UI.

Tackling the "app gap" head-on, ReadiNow transcends traditional methods by incorporating a no-code platform into its ecosystem. This innovative approach frees organisations from the constraints of conventional application development with the ability to create and tailor applications effortlessly, without needing in-depth coding knowledge, ReadiNow opens up a realm of limitless possibilities across organisations.

The no-code platform, rooted in client-partnership led development, ensures every client's needs are heard and met. Through this collaborative approach, ReadiNow ensures that the out-of-the-box solutions it offers are not only technologically advanced but also perfectly aligned with the specific needs of its clients, allowing businesses to hit the ground running with workable solutions in a matter of days.

"We believe that digital transformation is not just about technology; it's about being agile, innovative, and ready for what's next. Our new logo encapsulates these values and represents our commitment to empowering organisations on their transformative journey," said Darren Jacobs, Chief Product Officer at ReadiNow.

Looking ahead, ReadiNow anticipates a transformative year for both the company and its clients. The new logo serves as a visual representation of the exciting journey that lies ahead, emphasising ReadiNow's pivotal role in bridging the "app gap" and driving digital transformation for organisations across various industries.

About ReadiNow: 

ReadiNow is a global leader in providing AI powered Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions to enterprise-level organisations. Our end-to-end complete suite of solutions includes Business Continuity Management, Corporate Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Vendor Management, Audit Management, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), IT Disaster Recovery, Cyber Solutions, and much more.

The ReadiNow AI-Powered Digital Transformation Platform enables unprecedented speed of implementation with a patented no-code platform that empowers businesses to adapt their solutions as the organisation evolves.


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