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200,000+ Viewers for Sydney Arts Episode Online

Announcement posted by Tim Stackpool 15 May 2024

Online series audience numbers 'beyond expectation'.

The most popular episode of the online micro-series 'Works of Art in Sydney You Should Know' reached more than 200,000 views this week. The episode, featuring Tracey Emin's 'The Distance of Your Heart' achieved the milestone on Instagram, with the entire series also clocking-up further views on Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

Producer and presenter of the series Tim Stackpool said the posts have reached an audience beyond expectation. "I'm astonished at the broad popularity of the series. Originally just wanting to share a few art objects I walk past in the city while commuting, it's now grown to around 30 micro-episodes," he said.

Intended as videos just to post to friends, Tim Stackpool uses his mobile phone to record a less-than-60-second description of separate public works of art within the City of Sydney. Rarely observed works have surprised viewers, particularly if they exist in plain sight but are simply overlooked.

"Tracey's work of more than 60 bronze birds embedded around the CBD are emotive on so many levels, and more so when people discover them for the first time. It can be quite revealing and touching for some. That's why I think that episode has become so popular," he said.

Other popular episodes include the bronze 'Youngsters' near Martin Place, the terrazzo fish floor in the Queen Victoria Building, and the impressive reworked wooden escalators at Wynyard station, each offering a unique perspective on Sydney's artistic richness.

"While the response from the arts community has been rewarding, it's been really great to learn that many people who are ordinarily just racing through the city to get to work, grabbing a sandwich or making a delivery, are now taking a second look at the art, with a deeper understanding of the artist's motivation," Tim Stackpool said.

Online comments regarding various episodes reflect both appreciation and astonishment from many viewers:

This series is the best! So far I recognise about half of the artworks, but it's inspired me to visit them again - and visit the ones I didn't even realise were there. Thank you!

I have walked around this area so many times and obviously have never paid attention!!  I will be alert next time!! Thanks for sharing.

I've lived in Sydney all my life and you are really surprising and delighting me with this series. Thank you.

Love this series. So interesting and thoughtful commentary. Beautifully shot too. Thank you Tim!!

Thank you so much for enlightening your audience with these fabulous works of art, most of which I haven't heard about. I'm not from Sydney, but I am a frequent visitor. Thanks again.

The series will likely continue as further works, and the stories behind them, are revealed.

"There is easily an opportunity to feature the top 10 public artworks in other cities too, and of course many local councils have a history of commissioning significant artworks as well, so a suburban version might also be an idea," Tim Stackpool said.

Arts professionals have taken note of how the straightforward micro-episodes have resonated with diverse demographics, reinforcing the value of such installations within a city. "Public art enriches the cultural fabric of modern urban cities like Sydney," said respected international Arts Audience Engagement Consultant Gill Nicol, noting "It contributes to a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic urban experience that celebrates creativity, diversity, and civic engagement."

The series 'Works of Art in Sydney You Should Know' is independently produced and available on various platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

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Image: Tracey Emin's The Distance of Your Heart. One of more than 60 hand sculptured bronze birds embedded around Sydney's CBD. Photo credit: City of Sydney