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ATMOS Global™ Unveils Directorᴬᴵ ™: Exceptional AI Enhanced Company Director Expertise at Your Fingertips - Combining Imagination, Ingenuity and Intuition to Deliver Extraordinary Innovation

Announcement posted by ATMOS Global Pty Ltd 18 Jun 2024

ATMOS Global ™: Our Next Step in the Quest for the Greatest Invention in History

ATMOS Global Pty Ltd (ATMOS Global™, atmosglobal.ai), a leader in innovative AI solutions, announces the launch of Directorᴬᴵ ™ a ground breaking platform offering exceptional company director experience right at your fingertips, providing unparalleled guidance and innovation for businesses of all sizes.


Directorᴬᴵ ™ harnesses the power of advanced multimodal artificial intelligence customised to fit specific business needs and deliver real-time strategic insight, risk management, personalised expert-level direction and decision-making assistance. This cutting-edge executive tool is designed to protect privacy at every step and assist businesses seeking to achieve new levels of excellence in navigating the complexities of modern business environments, ensuring informed decisions that drive success and growth.


Dr Orestis D. Valianatos, Global President and CEO at ATMOS Global Pty Ltd, said that " ATMOS Global's Directorᴬᴵ leverages actionable insights to drive success and innovation, creating new intelligence advantages. It is our next step in the quest for the greatest invention in history."



Dr Orestis D. Valianatos, Global President and CEO at ATMOS Global Pty Ltd, said that "ATMOS Global's Directorᴬᴵ leverages actionable insights to drive success and innovation, creating new intelligence advantages. It is our next step in the quest for the greatest invention in history."

Join us on this journey of AI wisdom as we revolutionise the world of corporate governance with Directorᴬᴵ.


ATMOS Global's super-intelligent AI algorithms, platforms and comprehensive data analysis contribute to shaping the future of technology, industry and our society. We will continue building our decades long legacy of inspiring the adoption of AI enhanced innovations to assist companies achieve better results, consider the benefits of leveraging their resources to their fullest potential and embrace adaptability and flexibility to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. 


Dr Valianatos has been honoured with an invitation to address the audience as a Keynote Speaker at the prestigious 10th Global Webinar on Applied Science and Technology (July 03-04, 2024) where he will unveil insights into our revolutionary AI-empowered Inspirational Foresight Leadership Strategy Formulation Framework that capitalises on vertical AI's transformational potential to build a culture of perpetual reinvention and human potential optimisation on a global scale.



Dr Orestis D. Valianatos is the Global President and CEO of ATMOS Global Pty Ltd (ATMOS Global ), a highly accredited and accomplished professional company director, an astute investor in the capital markets, an established innovator, a role model, a visionary thinker with a diverse portfolio of formal qualifications (BSc, MSc, PhD in Atmospheric Physics, Climate & Sustainability, Master of Business Administration, Professional Doctorate in International Business and Sustainability, Corporate Governance training as a Professional Board Director, and soon a Diploma of Finance), experience, unique insight and influential global perspective across multiple domains including management consulting, climate, leadership, strategy and innovation in sustainability, ESG, carbon neutrality strategies, climate-tech, thematic and sustainable investing. Entrepreneur and agent of change, he has authored more than 50 ground-breaking international research papers as a subject matter expert working in partnership with senior personnel from government departments, universities and major private clients from the mining, manufacturing and energy & utilities sectors to pioneer, encourage and support the use of high-end AI technologies to solve significant business problems and address urgent community needs. 


ATMOS Global is a wholly Australian owned, funded, and managed prestigious global consulting firm specialising in visionary investments and management consulting, vertical and exponential artificial intelligence, sustainability and ESG leadership, renewable energy, advanced air quality and severe weather forecasting, and digital health. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, our world-wide presence is facilitated by a world-class global network that spans all five continents. For decades, we have upheld the highest global leadership standards. ATMOS Global has diligently crafted its esteemed reputation over a span of thirty years; we celebrated our 30th anniversary on November 21, 2023. Our leadership in the AI field is a consequence of significant investments in research and development, complemented by the cultivation of robust client and peer relationships.




ATMOS Global's awards for 2023/2024:


🏆  ATMOS Global has emerged victorious as the Most Innovative CSR Strategy Management Experts 2024 in the Enterprise Awards category as awarded by the APAC Insider Magazine in March 2024. 

Dr Orestis D. Valianatos, ATMOS Global CEO, Nominated for 'The Most Visionary CEO Establishing Australia as a Thriving Hub for Innovation in 2024' by a renowned International Entrepreneur Magazine


🏆 ATMOS Global has been honoured with the distinguished title of Environmental Consultancy Firm of the Year for the 2023/24, as recognised by the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards.


⭐  ATMOS Global has received a 'Certificate of Excellence' for our distinguished Keynote Speaker presentation at the esteemed 9th Global Webinar on Applied Science, Engineering, and Technology (March, 2024), organised by the Global Scientific Guild.


⭐ ATMOS Global has been nominated as a finalist in the Top 10 Mining Service Companies for the year 2023 by the independent evaluation panel of Metals & Mining Review Magazine.

🏆 ATMOS Global has been honoured as the recipient of the Most Innovative Atmosphere & Air Quality Consultancy 2023 global category at the prestigious Industrial Production and Manufacturing Awards presented by The Business Concept in July 2023. 



For further information please contact:


Dr Orestis D. Valianatos 

Global President and Chief Executive Officer

ATMOS Global Pty Ltd (ATMOS Global )


Diploma of Finance (in progress)

GAICD - Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors 

Company Directors Course (Board Director professional training)

PhD.I International Business - specialising in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation

MBA - Executive Master of Business Administration (Distinction)

PhD (1st Class Honours) Physics - specialising in Atmospheric Physics & Sustainability

MSc  (1st Class Honours) Master of Science - specialising in Atmospheric Physics & Sustainability

BSc   (1st Class Honours) Bachelor of Science - specialising in Atmospheric Physics & Sustainability


MAICD (since 2009) - Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (Australia)

MAusIMM (since 2014) - Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Australia)




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