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Miller-Williams estimates i2s global customers have received US$29.9 billion in value

i2s mission is to deliver US$75 billion in value by 2005

i2, the leading provider of dynamic value chain management solutions, and Miller-Williams, a customer research firm specialising in value measurement, announced the results of an independent report on value achieved by i2s global customers.

The report states that as of June 2001, the Cumulative Value* achieved by customers who have successfully implemented i2 solutions is estimated to be approximately US$29.9 billion. i2 estimates that AUD$87 million of this total value figure has been delivered to its Australian and New Zealand customers.

Rodney Boyle, managing director for i2 Australia and New Zealand said, Were pleased to announce that i2 has created approximately AUD$87million in value for our Australian and New Zealand customers since our inception here in 1996. Were committed to forming long-term partnerships with our customers, to achieve our local mission of delivering AUD$1 billion in value to Australian and New Zealand customers by 2005.

Simon Robinson, sales operations manager for Lion Nathan Australia said, After implementing i2 Demand Planner, we realised value almost immediately. We were able to improve forecast accuracy by an average of 60 per cent, reduce inventory by 25 per cent and improve customer service by 2 per cent all within 6 months of going live. This translates to significant bottom-line value for Lion Nathan.

Gary Williams, president and CEO, Miller-Williams said, Companies are looking to minimise mean-time to payback, which is the speed at which they will receive value from their purchase. Our methodology, which includes in-depth, independent audits of i2 customers, enables us to provide an unbiased and unfiltered measurement of the value that customers have gained from implementing i2 solutions.

In 1995, i2 adopted as its mission, to provide US$50 billion in value to its customers by the year 2005. Miller-Williams, a customer research firm specialising in value and expectations metrics, started in 1997 to measure and certify value results with i2 customers. Over the past five years, cumulative customer value from i2s solutions has compounded rapidly such that in October of 2000, i2 revised its mission to increase the value provided from US$50 billion to US$75 billion.

Value maximised over time
Companies today are first and foremost looking to achieve immediate value from their investments. i2s industry-leading solutions, including the new i2 Five.Two are designed to enable companies to achieve value rapidly.

Companies also want to know that their investment will continue to produce value for them over time. Value Acceleration is a term used to explain how accelerating the adoption and use of the value chain by more participants creates, in turn, more value for all participants.

Sanjiv Sidhu, founder and chairman, i2 said, i2 solutions are designed to provide customers with the ability to rapidly see returns on their investments and the value they see is maximised the longer they use i2s products. i2 remains committed to our mission of delivering value for our customers, and we are inspired by these results.

Miller-Williams uses a consistent set of key performance indicators (KPI) as a standard to collect data from i2 customers. To establish the impact or value of each particular offering, Miller-Williams measures each KPI before and after implementation of i2s solution. The algorithms used to measure the value are updated each year to reflect various changes impacting value delivery such as new features and product enhancements, customer process improvements, CCI and inflation.

For more details regarding the numbers, methodology, scope and use, please view the full report on www.i2.com.

*Cumulative Value represents the total value for the current year to June 30, 2001 in addition to each previous years audit value (1996-2000).

About Miller-Williams Inc.
Miller-Williams Inc. is the global leader in value measurement and discovery. Through its patent-pending Profiler methodologies, M-W reveals how companies turn intangibles such as intellectual capital and brand equity into tangible assets. The Miller-Williams Value Scorecard tracks the emerging patterns in shifting values for todays market-leading companies. Miller-Williams measures on-going value for their clients through public and private Listening Posts, which provide continual tracking systems available all the time. Headquartered in San Diego, CA Miller-Williams is the collective effort of Robert B. Miller, co-author of Strategic Selling, and Gary A. Williams, a pioneer in the field of customer intelligence. Strategic Selling is a registered trademark of Miller-Heiman, Inc. and MHI is not affiliated with Miller-Williams in any way. For additional information, visit www.millwill.com.

About i2
For more than a decade, i2 has been a leader in supply chain management. i2 has extended its technology and expertise to Dynamic Value Chain Managementsolutions to help companies collaborate on decision-making processes not only across functions within a single company, but across multiple companies. i2 solutions span the value chain interactions, including customer relationship management, supply chain management and supplier relationship management. Established in 1988, i2 is the only software solutions provider that measures, audits, and reports total value provided to its customers, with a mission to deliver US$75 billion in value by 2005. Learn more at www.i2.com.

i2 is a registered trademark of i2 Technologies US, Inc. and i2 Technologies, Inc and its subsidiaries.

Forward-Looking Statement
In addition to historical information, this press release contains forward-looking statements that reflect managements goals, objectives and expectations. These statements relate to, among other things, the i2 Technologies goal of delivering US$75 billion in value by 2005. Achievement of the expressed goals, objectives and expectations is subject to certain risk and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those goals, objectives and expectations.

For a discussion of factors which could impact i2's financial results and cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements, please refer to i2's recent filings with
the SEC, particularly the Form 10-K/A filed August 7, 2001 and Form 10-Q filed August 14, 2001. i2 assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking information contained in this news release.

Legal Disclaimer for Customer Value Report
The preceding report entitled i2 Technologies Customer Value Report dated October 2001 (the Report) was prepared by Miller-Williams, Inc. (Miller Williams) at the request of i2 Technologies, Inc. (i2). Miller-Williams is an independent research firm specialising in customer value and expectations metrics and has been retained by i2 as an independent contractor with duties solely to i2. i2 does not endorse the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any opinion, statement, methodology or other information contained in the Report. i2 makes no warranty or representation whatsoever regarding the Report or use of the Report. The methodology utilised by Miller-Williams is described in the Report and was devised and recommended by Miller-Williams. Statements concerning the value derived by i2s customers in connection with their use of i2 software are based on the Report and the Miller-Williams methodology described in the Report. Neither the use of the Report nor its contents is intended to confer upon any person (including stockholders, creditors or customers of i2) any rights or remedies. As many factors affect the results on an implementation of software, including those outside of the control of i2 or a customer, this Report should not be relied upon as an indication of the benefits which may be derived from implementation and use of the i2 software or services. i2 is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any representation and warranties within the Report and any information contained within the Report.