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Tony Redhead, Red Square, celebrates 20 years in IT

With amazing predictions for technology in the next 20 years!

Tony Redhead, Managing Director and founder of Glebe based Red Square, one of Australias leading full-service internet agencies, celebrates 20 years in the IT and Computer Graphics market today!
When thinking back on all he had been a part of and all he had accomplished within the last two decades, Tonyrealised just howmuch technology has advanced in just 20 years. Drawing upon his own experience working in the rapidly developing world of Internet and software development, Tony began tothink aboutwhere technology is likely to take us in the next 20 years and his predictions are quite extraordinary.
"In the next 20 years I feel confident that we will see nano technology being used to create molecular based computing that could even result in implanted computer technology," predicts Tony. "This would bring the ability to record ones life history into internal storage systems within the human body and this information retrieved on command, never having to worry about your memory failing you!"
"I wouldnt be at all surprised if in 20 years nano technology is as common place as the mobile phone is today and just like the mobile phone, this technology would make life more convenient for the user," he says. " When finalising a business deal for instance, instead of handing over a business card and drawing up paper work to sign, nano technology would allow you to just shake hands so that the handshake in itself would include a transfer of contractual agreement, payment or banking details It certainly would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase lets shake on it!"
Tonys passion for Computer Graphics and the IT industry began twenty years ago in November 1983 when Men at Works "Downunder" was the anthem of the moment. While working as an Art Director for Channel 7 News, Tony came across his very first graphics computer, the Quantel Paintbox - a hand-made "crate" so heavy that it took two people to carry it and that was just the computer! Along with the computer went a television monitor, a sumagraphics tablet as big as a kitchen table and a three foot bar magnet that had to be dragged across the tablet every couple of hours to degauss it!
"It just amazed me," Tony explains, "at that time all of our work involved things like spray glue and airbrushes but here was this machine that made all of that stuff go away, gave me a hundred more tools and allowed me to work in ways I never thought possible. Now 20 years later I sit at a machine that costs a fraction of that early one, has more capabilities that I would ever learn to harness even if I had another 20 years."
These days a laptop carries as much computing power as that early machine, it can store millions more bytes of data and doesnt need a small army to carry it around.
So what technological innovation over the last 20 years has had the greatest impact on Tony?
"I simply cannot imagine living without the Internet now," he explains. "It has completely changed the way in which I use information in both my work and general life. As a designer, the last 20 years have also been an amazing time for my industry as in no time at all we went from pencil and paper to fully realistic computer rendering and through all the myriad of software applications in between!"
Considering all that has happened in IT within just a short time, including the development of the mobile phone which gets smaller and more powerful every year; email; fax machines and video conferencing; Tonys predictions of sub atomic nano technology dont seem far fetched at all.
"I live with Technology all the time now and my only wish is that I was 20 years younger in order to experience some of the future that technology is most definitely set to bring us!" Tony concludes.
About Red Square:
Founded in 1995, RedSquare http://www.redsquare.com.au is one of Australias leading Internet agencies with a reputation for developing innovative and successful websites. This privately owned business delivers flexible, stable and scalable solutions for its clients, designed specifically to ensure a positive website user experience. Offering a wide range of Internet related services including; e-business strategy development; web based application development; Rich Internet Application development; web hosting and enhancing web user-experiences; Red Square is able to offer clients a total Internet solution. With some of the nations best web development staff on board, Red Square consistently provides clients with quality Internet and Intranet solutions. Key Red Square clients include: oneworld Alliance, Telstra, Panasonic Australia, P&O Nedlloyd, Harvey World Travel and YHA Australia.
INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: Tony would be delighted to go into more detail as to "IT 20 years from now".