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User Generated Content comes to mapping with new smartphone apps from BigTinCan

New apps and websites from BigTinCan allow people to map the world using open source data

BigTinCan launches BigTinCan Maps - a suite of web and smartphone tools that let people all over the world contribute to global maps - anyone can now contribute to the “wikipedia of maps” from their smartphone

Sydney 1st October 2009

BigTinCan today launches the maps.bigtincan.com service and the BigTinCan Mapper products for RIM BlackBerry and Google Android smartphones - with versions for Apple iPhone, and Windows Mobile coming soon. The suite of web and smartphone tools solves the problem of adding bespoke content to mapping services whilst avoiding high fees from map licensees in the process.

Map the World

BigTinCan maps is a complete suite of web tools, and smartphone applications, that let people anywhere in the world take part in the global Open Street Maps community (OSM - the “open source equivalent to Google Maps” taking the world by storm) and "Map the World" by adding Points of Interest (POIs) easily and quickly from a smartphone whenever and wherever they are. It is then possible to view those POIs on maps.bigtincan.com.

From your smartphone users can add details about the their local area and community - add local details including marking shops, restaurants, movie theaters, post boxes and much more, then upload it using BigTinCan's new open mapping protocol directly to the OSM servers. You'll need an account with OSM to be able to send POIs which is free at www.openstreetmap.org

According to the blogs “Here’s a community that has created this phenomenon which is just about ready to virally spread around the world. A community which is bubbling with energy and excitement because its growth is making the bigwigs sit up and take notice” (http://bytesbite.me/tag/osm/)

Fix the World

BigTinCan is also releasing the TidyMyStreet.com community portal that allows people to add information about their “street bugs” that needs to be fixed in their local area. For example users can map potholes in the street, graffiti on walls, spilt rubbish, directly from the web or from their smartphone. This information is then made available globally to local government or other groups that are then able to correct these problems and update the maps in real time.

Community Services

As part of the promise of OSM, BigTinCan is making these services available free to all users. Any data entered into the map is made part of the global OSM database and is then available for others to freely see and use - in true open source spirit

Commercial Maps Service

In addition to the free community services, BigTinCan is also announcing the availability of the initial release of our commercial Web Mapping Service (WMS) that provides access to customised, rendered map tiles and custom layers, map overlays, integrated points of interests and other services built upon OSM map data. The commercial service lets companies, local councils, government departments, and other organizations create custom maps and integrate them into their own website or other online service.

BigTinCan operates a worldwide distributed system with data center operations in The Netherlands, USA, and Australia that can deliver rendered, customized maps to groups of any size.

WMS packages start at less than A$100 per month and can service business of all size. The WMS services is being released on a limited availability basis now with full release in Q1 2010

BigTinCan Mapper and BigTinCan Mapper Pro

BigTinCan is also announcing the availability of our BigTinCan Mapper for BlackBerry and Android and BigTinCan Mapper Pro smartphone application for BlackBerry.

BigTinCan Mapper is a cool app that let you take part in the global OSM community and "map your world" by adding POIs easily and quickly from a smartphone whenever and wherever you are, including the ability to post your “street bugs” directly to the TidyStreet.bigtincan.com site. Mapper PRO is the extension to the BigTinCan Mapper product that allows you to use all the great features of BigTinCan Mapper, plus lets you recored and share your routes - with the TrackMyRoute feature. Mapper Pro is priced at US$4.99 and coming to major smartphone application stores worldwide over then next 10 days.

With Mapper Pro you can track your route live, check out the GPS details and route status in real time, then send your route as either a ALX or GPE file direct to your computer; to a router tracking website; or view the route on your smartphone. You can even overlay multiple routes on the smartphone screen to compare your tracks.

Mapper lets you view your world using a range of maps views (using different layers including tourist information, bike paths and even a midnight view amongst others).

Mapper lets you overlay GPS information from your smartphone directly on the map, and lets you jump right to MyLocation anytime.

You can also ShareMyLocation using Email, SMS, or BlackBerry PIN. ShareMyLocation sends your GPS details, plus a link to maps.bigtincan.com where you can see your location on the OSM map. This page is optimised for viewing on a smartphone - so you can use this to let your friends know where you are, or to send your business location directly to your customer's phone.

BigTinCan Mapper and BigTinCan Mapper Pro are available now for keyboard based RIM BlackBerry and the RIM BlackBerry Storm. Versions for Apple iPhone, Google Android smartphones and Windows Mobile smartphones are coming soon.

About BigTinCan

BigTinCan is a smartphone systems developer operating BigTinCan Connect our global overlay telco network, BigTinCan Maps our OSM linked mapping service, and BigTinCan BuzzMe our wildly successful smartphone application.

With over 1.1 million users worldwide on our suite of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile platforms, BigTinCan is a global leader in smartphone systems and services.

Based in Cremorne, Sydney, Australia, and with global experts in telco, smartphone, database and web skills, BigTinCan is well placed to take advantage of the smartphone revolution.

Supplementary Information

A video summary of the press conference is at


BTC Mapper

BTC Mapper BlackBerry and BTC Mapper Android are available for download from BigTinCan’s website at


Or from BlackBerry AppWorld at

BigTinCan Mapper:
WebStore –http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/3314
Deeplink -http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/3314/BigTinCan%20Mapper

BigTinCan Mapper PRO:
WebStore -http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/3376
Deeplink -http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/3314/BigTinCan%20Mapper%20PRO

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