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HydroChic Fills the Gap with New Generation of Fashionable and Sun Protective Swimwear for Women

Summer is approaching and the beach is beckoning. Instead of layering a rash vest or a baggy T-shirt over swimwear, women now have a fabulous new fashionable option - HydroChic Sun Protective Water Sportswear.

Say goodbye to last year's swimsuit, stop dreading the search for the perfect fit and don't let an occasion to wear a swimsuit become an ordeal. HydroChic has revolutionised the swimwear market with a line up of sporty swim tops and bottoms, said HydroChic co-owner Sara Wolf.

“HydroChic is the new generation of sun protective active wear,” Sara explained.

“Designed by women, for women, we take the rash vest to the next fashion level, with a mix-and-match line of swimming tops and bottoms in vibrant colours and designs,” she said.

With the HydroChic line, a woman can choose the size, style and coverage that best compliments her figure. HydroChic active wear provides the highest level of protection from the harsh Australian sun, with an SPF 50+ rating.

Many women cover up their bodies with rash vests or T-shirts over the top of their swimwear, but now HydroChic provides options that are lightweight, quick drying and comfortable, eliminating the weight of all those layers.

HydroChic's goal is to provide women with a choice of water wear that provides the extra coverage and fit for all variations of the female body. Many women struggle with uncomfortable swimwear because of-ill fitting one-style-suits-all options, but HydroChic has been designed so constant embarrassing adjustments will no longer be necessary.

“We believe every woman should be who she wants to be - free to be the natural you without having to struggle with your swimsuit or feel self-conscious. Being active and keeping healthy is important at every age,” Sara said.

“So many women – of various shapes, age and sizes - have expressed just how freeing their HydroChic water wear has been for them. We want to provide all women with an option that affords them comfort, coverage and confidence.”

The HydroChic line also works as active wear for any sporting activity: beach, pool, boating, tennis, cycling, kayaking or splashing around at a water park. HydroChic has a garment to suit everyone, with a complete mix-and-match rashguard line comprising: 3/4 sleeve, various length short sleeve, sporty cap sleeve and sleeveless sports tank. Tops can be paired with coordinating skirtinis, hydroshorts, swim capris and swim skirts.

All HydroChic swim and water wear tops come with lightly padded, supportive swim/sports bras for an extra modesty layer. Torsos were designed with slightly extra length for active water wear, preventing them from riding up while swimming. The line-up of beautiful summery solid colours will flatter all body shapes and sizes.

HydroChic was created by two former educators who had a vision that grew out of their own need to find fashionable coverage options for the beach. Sara Wolf, a mother of four, and Daniella Teutsch, a mother of three, have been beachgoers for their whole lives. They were sought stylish sun protection, but found very few options available, so decided to take matters into their own hands and create a company that would fill the gap.

“We started with a vision of what was needed, but each season our vision grows to accommodate all the endless possibilities that we see,” Daniella said.

“This makes for an exciting work environment, full of creative ideas that are floating around and waiting to be harnessed and translated into swim suits,” she added.

HydroChic also offers conservative and modest swimwear options.

To see the collection visit www.hydrochic.com.au and make a splash this summer!