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40 percent of Australians check work emails whilst on holiday

A survey of 1200 full and part-time Australian workers has revealed 40 percent of workers check their emails whilst on holiday and 36 percent have phoned the office for an update.

The Newspoll study commissioned by remote access software company LogMeIn, discovered that more than one quarter of Aussie workers (27%) have packed a laptop specifically to check work emails whilst on holiday.  The study also found males (31%) were more likely to take their laptop with them whilst on holiday, compared to females (21%).  

When asked if they would check their emails remotely whilst on holidays, 39 per cent of respondents said yes they would check their emails, compared to 45 percent who wouldn’t.

Matt Fleming, Senior Business Manager of LogMeIn, believes the results reflect Australia’s increasing work hours, pressure to perform at the top level and the sheer ease of staying connected.

“If you’re a small business owner or in middle to upper management, it’s not easy to go on a holiday for three weeks and completely detach yourself from work.  Some people check their emails or ring a colleague whilst on holiday so they can feel more at ease knowing what to expect before returning to work.

“The advantage of accessing remotely is that you have the option of checking work emails, without having to ring colleagues or lug your work computer around with you and be physically reminded of work,” Fleming said.

LogMeIn specialise in providing remote access to desktops, laptops and smart phones from any internet-connected computer, including an iPhone.

“It is now simple to log in to your desktop or laptop computer from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds,” says Fleming.

“LogMeIn’s technology provides fast, secure access from any connected device – whether it is a phone, internet cafe, personal computer or friend’s computer – to their work or home computer at any time.” 


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