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The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip

A Photographer Around New Zealand on a Hyperbike!

This is the first update on the roadtrip which started off on 26th December 2009 to showcase New Zealand to the youth in India as well to people in Australia and NZ itself.
The roadtrip is being done by Sunny, who is a representative of an Indian motorcycling community known as xBhp (x amount of braking horse power).

The roadtrip is also aimed at promoting safe riding, discovering the world through riding and photography.

Sunny is a graphic designer by profession but has been doing serious photojournalistic motorcycle travel photography since two years now. He is also known by the nick ‘MotoGrapher’.

Sunny is travelling solo around NZ in 25 days and 7000kms on one of the most powerful motorcycles in the world – a Suzuki BKing, powered by a 1300 CC engine with 180 BHP.

He has travelled around New Zealand once more in Jan 2008, once around Australia and Ireland and twice around India – all on superbikes.
He is also a techie and uses technology for the maximum benefit to himself and his followers online. He regularly updates blogs at http://www.theGrandNewZealandRoadtrip.com with some of the best photos taken in NZ motorcycle travel.

He has completed 5600kms so far and the remaining route is: Christchurch – Kaikoura – Wellington – New Plymouth and then Auckland on 18th January 2010.