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Rex's customer service satisfaction levels soar with RightNow

Regional Express (Rex), Australia's newest regional airline, has selected RightNow eService Centre to enhance customer satisfaction and help drive online ticket sales.

As a start-up business in a highly competitive industry, Rex aims to build customer loyalty by combining superior customer service with a Web site that offers customers an unprecedented level of personalisation and control.

"From research we've undertaken, we know that doing business online is significantly more cost effective and much more convenient for customers," said Hans van Pelt, general manager, IT & C, Regional Express. "Most of our customers live in rural and regional Australia and use a dial-up modem. It's particularly frustrating for them if they can't find what they need online and are forced to switch from the Internet to the telephone. We want to ensure our customers can complete their business with us in the manner they have chosen."

Using RightNow, Rex customers can find answers to their queries through the self-service offering located on the airline's Web sitewww.regionalexpress.com.au. This always-on solution delivers a variety of benefits to Rex. By automating information creation and posting, RightNow has enabled Rex to create highly effective content or knowledge base that customers can access at anytime.

RightNow's self-learning technology automatically prioritises information based on the frequency of its use by customers. This ensures that the most used and most useful information is most accessible to users - allowing the largest possible number of customers to find their answers with the fewest possible mouse-clicks.

Live collaboration allows customer service representatives to take control of a user's screen and guide them through the steps to buying a ticket. According to Hans van Pelt, "RightNow has helped us design a smart and effective customer service solution by ensuring our customers can purchase online without frustration. By employing this technology we aim to answer customers' questions in full the first time and familiarise them with the site, so subsequent site visits are more rewarding."

"Customer service representatives with the self-learning knowledge base at their fingertips can also assist those who wish to telephone the contact centre. This results in increased sales and greatly improved satisfaction for both staff and customers," he said.

"RightNow reduces call centres' in-bound workload, freeing customer service representatives' time so that they can do more proactive, out-bound communication. This turns the call centre into a revenue-generating division," said Sean Forbes, vice president of marketing and business development at RightNow. "Providing an online channel for Rex's geographically dispersed customers to purchase online is both cost effective and time efficient. The RightNow solution ensures customers are presented with the information they need, eliminating the frustration that can lead to customers terminating their transactions."


About RightNow Technologies

RightNow Technologies is Australia's leading eService solutions expert, engineering business solutions that deliver rapid time-to-benefit and quick return on investment. RightNow delivers these benefits to more than 1,000 customers, including these Australia and New Zealand clients: Shell, Regional Express Airlines, TAB Limited, Optus, Orange, OzEmail, Melbourne University, Air New Zealand, and the University of Southern Queensland. Globally, customers include: British Airways, Cisco, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Orbitz, Remington, Sanyo, and more than 100 public sector clients.

RightNow's multi-channel eService suite supports Web-based self-service, email response management, live chat and collaboration, and reporting and service metrics.

Founded in 1997, RightNow also has offices in Sydney, Bozeman, Dallas and London, with an associated office in Tokyo. RightNow's products are available in 14 languages worldwide. For further information visit http://www.rightnow.com/