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RightNow joins Network Advertising Initiative Email Service Provider Coalition to support legitimate marketers' fight against spam

RightNow joins a list of leading email service providers in their effort to preserve the integrity of email as an effective business communication medium by
delivering technology solutions to eradicate spam, collaborating with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to refine spam policies, building consumer awareness and helping to define public policy.
Introduced in September 2003, RightNow Outbound brings a unique value proposition to the email marketing industry by allowing marketers and
service managers to mine rich customer service data in order to proactively address customer issues and send the most relevant email marketing
messages. Because most customer interactions occur post-sale rather than pre-sale, RightNow Outbound's management and analysis of both customer
service and marketing data within a single application enables companies to develop compelling email communication strategies that drive customer
satisfaction and cross-sell, up-sell opportunities.
"The ESPC members, including RightNow, understand the importance of combating spam while preserving email as a viable communication channel,"
J. Trevor Hughes, executive director of ESPC, said. "We are absolutely thrilled to have RightNow join our coalition and bring its unique perspective and proactive participation to our initiatives - both technological and legislative."
RightNow formed a dedicated deliverability management team chaired by Alan Rassaby, the company's vice president of Legal and Risk Management, to
collaborate with leading ISPs and industry organisations to ensure the delivery of legitimate emails sent on behalf of RightNow's customers and to promote email deliverability best practices.
"RightNow is committed to allocating resources to ensure our customers' permission-based emails to deliver proactive customer service and high
value product offers are not confused with spam by the ISPs," Rassaby said. "We are joining the ESPC to further this goal and to show our support for
its Project Lumos. Despite the growing spam problem, the email medium remains one of the most cost-effective and results-driven communication
vehicles for both small and large companies."