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​New BigTinCan Connect puts a PABX in your pocket

Now supports Australian in-bound local calling numbers and upcoming support for VoIP over 3G

BigTinCan is set to help more Australian homes and businesses cut loose the shackles of their fixed-line phone service by putting all of the power of a business telephony system into any mobile user's pocket as well as delivering even greater cost savings than regular mobile services. 
For home users, it means that friends and family can still call a mobile using a standard fixed-line phone number at fixed-line rates.  
Australian businesses, meanwhile, no longer need to invest tens of thousands of dollars on complex telephony 'PABX' systems or expensive multiple phone lines and can instead route calls cheaply through to the appropriate staff member's mobile phones. 
With BigTinCan Connect Australian Edition, users are provided with an in-bound local calling number, which becomes their "master number". This phone number is completely independent of any phone, which means if you move home, change jobs or buy a new mobile phone, you can still always be reached on the same telephone number. Additionally, users can set up "rules" which tell BigTinCan Connect what phone or phones to ring, what ring tone to use or whether the phone should be directed to voicemail and what voicemail message should be played. 
Having one phone number also means one BigTinCan voicemail system, which can also be accessed by your PC.
Additionally, BigTinCan Connect lets mobile users take advantage of extremely low-call rates that can cut up to 80% percent of mobile phone rates and up to 100% percent of text messaging. BigTinCan also integrates voice over IP enabling free calls when connected to a wireless network and will soon be the first Australian mobile service to allow VoIP calling over mobile 3G data services with its upcoming release, which is scheduled to arrive before mid-year. 
"We believe that BigTinCan Connect is the most advanced mobile calling service in the world," said David Keane, BigTinCan's Chief Executive Officer. "And because BigTinCan is an Australian company and the application is developed from our headquarters in Northern Sydney, it means Australian users will always be the first to benefit from the new features and functionality we're rapidly rolling out for the platform like VoIP over 3G." 
Keane made the first demonstration of Connect Australian Edition at the MediaConnect Kickstart Forum, a conference that showcases the latest technology to IT journalists at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast today. He told journalists that these features would allow businesses to migrate away from fixed-line phone services in much the same way that so many households have recently. Last week, in announcing its disappointing financial results Telstra noted the larger-than-expected number of Telstra users who had cancelled their fixed-line services. 
"Businesses need more power and flexibility than home users, which is why they invest in PABX telephony systems and multiple phone lines. However, with BigTinCan Connect a small or medium business can simply route calls to whichever staff member's phone line or voice box is appropriate. For example, you could set up a rule so that all calls from an important client go directly to the mobile of their account representative. If that person isn't available, the call can be routed to another account manager or transferred to a special voice mail greeting recorded specifically for that customer. And you don't need anything more than a mobile phone". 
"Traditional telephone companies are already suffering from user's moving away from fixed-line services and that's before applications like BigTinCan Connect have really found their place in the market. Soon user's will not only be able to bypass fixed-line charges, they'll also be able to use VoIP to avoid mobile calling rates - all while enjoying advanced calling features previously only available to large companies. My message to telephone carriers who think they're hurting now from these kinds of new technologies is 'you ain't seen nothing yet'." 
As well as BigTinCan Connect Australian Edition, in-bound calling numbers are now available in over 40 countries worldwide. BigTinCan is one of Australia's most successful smartphone systems developers with over 2 million users worldwide on its suite of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. These include BigTinCan Connect, as well as BigTinCan Maps, an open-source mapping service and BigTinCan BuzzMe a wildly popular smartphone alerting application. 
Based in Cremorne, Sydney, Australia, and with global experts in telco, smartphone, database and web skills, BigTinCan is well placed to take advantage of the smartphone revolution. 
About BigTinCan 
BigTinCan is a smartphone systems developer operating BigTinCan Connect our global overlay telco network, BigTinCan Maps our OSM linked mapping service, and BigTinCan BuzzMe our wildly successful smartphone application. 
With over 2 million users worldwide on our suite of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile platforms, BigTinCan is a global leader in smartphone systems and services. Based in Cremorne, Sydney, Australia, and with global experts in telco, smartphone, database and web skills, BigTinCan is well placed to take advantage of the smartphone revolution. 
Contacts: David Keane, CEOEmail:- david.keane@bigtincan.com