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MailGuard launches Cloud email archiving with real time retrieval

New online email archive solution gives users real-time access to past files, anywhere

Melbourne, 24 March 2010 - MailGuard, a leading vendor in SaaS (Software as a Service) email and web security, today announced the launch of SafeGuard, an online email archive and real-time retrieval system.

Email has become an integral part of business work-flow. With over 70% of communication being carried out by email, its volume in the workplace continues to grow exponentially. All businesses, no matter their industry, face some form of legal and regulatory obligation to store their data.

The requirement extends to email communications. Craig McDonald, Founder & CEO of MailGuard says, "The volume of email can only head in one direction. With its inevitable increase, the questions every business must answer are where will we store this business-critical data? And more importantly, how will we access it?"

Email archiving is a fundamental issue for all business. Litigation cases have been won or lost through a company's ability to retrieve vital email communications.

McDonald believes he has the solution. "SafeGuard allows a business to securely store all its critical data. Our clients have peace of mind that their data is secure and archived in a system that meets all legal and regulatory compliance issues."

SafeGuard archives email 'in the Cloud'. Its underlying Tier 4 infrastructure is the highest level, designed to host business-critical data, using stringent security and controlled access processes.

All inbound and outbound email is archived and text content indexed. SafeGuard also archives and indexes all attachments so they are fully searchable, including files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, TXT and EML.

"A key feature of SafeGuard is its ability to store a 'forensically intact' copy of the email. This means that when you retrieve an email from the archive, you are guaranteed it is in pristine condition, exactly as it was when sent," says McDonald.

As a subscription service, SafeGuard's enterprise-grade 'in the Cloud' service is funded through OpEx, delivering dramatically reduced Total Cost of Ownership over traditional, in-house appliances.

Businesses can request a free trial of SafeGuard by visiting the MailGuard website: www.mailguard.com.au