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Navman Wireless Launches Next Generation GPS Messaging and Navigation Device and New Privacy Technology Switch

Sydney, AUSTRALIA - 15 April 2010 – Navman Wireless today announced the latest version of its GPS navigation and messaging device, the M-Nav 760. Developed for business users the M-Nav 760 provides fully integrated vehicle tracking, job dispatch messaging and satellite navigation in one package. Other new features include a full touch screen, Driver ID and Bluetooth built into the device, delivering hands-free mobile phone communication through the unit.

Navman Wireless has also introduced a new Private Switch, an innovative privacy technology device that it has developed exclusively for the market. This feature does not display vehicle activity and location data when the device is activated. Employees will be able to use a company vehicle outside of business hours in complete privacy and it further reduces the compliance costs associated with Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) reporting.

Ian Daniel, Vice President Asia Pacific at Navman Wireless, is confident that people will find the new streamlined touch screen on the M-Nav 760 easy to use. He said, “Having built in Bluetooth capabilities is a bonus, as it enables crystal clear, hands-free mobile phone communication.”

The M-Nav 760 is a key component of Navman Wireless’s vehicle tracking and fleet management system which includes OnlineAVL2 (automatic vehicle locator) software and the Qube vehicle tracking device.

With the M-Nav 760, it’s as simple as ‘accept and go’. The dispatcher locates the customer’s address on OnlineAVL2, selects the vehicle to dispatch to that job and sends a message with the job details and customer address embedded as GPS coordinates directly from the office PC to the M-Nav 760. The field staff then accepts the job and the M-Nav 760 automatically navigates to the customer’s location with turn-by-turn instructions. 

Daniel added, “Our New Zealand team developed the software and the application for the M-Nav 760, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to research and development for a global product in the region.”

Private Switch
The Private Switch is a separate device that can be retrofitted into existing Navman Wireless devices. When activated, a light indicates when the Private Switch is in use and the vehicle activity and location data is not displayed in the OnlineAVL2 software. This is ideal for drivers taking company vehicles home outside of work hours.

As the Private Switch illustrates the distinction between private and business use, businesses can more accurately calculate the business use percentage of a company vehicle for FBT requirements.

“Many employees have contracts that specifically allow personal use of a company vehicle outside business hours. The Private Switch allows them to separate private use from business use. This means the business will be able to get the benefit of improved customer service, increased productivity and better asset management while employees are assured that their personal activities remain private,” said Daniel.

M-Nav 760 Features

  • Touch screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Driver ID functionality
  • Navigation, messaging and vehicle tracking
  • Stores 100 customisable preset messages
  • High quality sound speaker for turn-by-turn voice guidance
  • Easy connection and setup with dashboard or windscreen mounting
  • Automatically calculates distance to destination, speed and estimated time of arrival

Private Switch Features

  • Reduces compliance costs associated with FBT reporting
  • Can be retrofitted to existing Navman Wireless tracking systems
  • Ideal for sales fleets
  • Separates personal use from business use
  • Light indicates when in private use

Pricing and Availability
Standard tracking starts from $2.99 per day per vehicle on a 36 month contract. The M-Nav 760 (including tracking, messaging and navigation solutions) is $4.29 per vehicle per day on a 36 month contract. Both the M-Nav 760 and Private Switch are available from Navman Wireless authorised dealers nationally.  To locate a dealer near you, visit www.navmanwireless.com.au or contact (02) 9420 7500.

Note to Editor:
Individual circumstances may differ and users should seek the advice of a professional tax consultant in determining their FBT position.

About Navman Wireless
Navman Wireless is a leading designer and manufacturer of GPS technology, providing fleet management solutions, comprising GPS engines, sensor modules, tracking devices and messaging terminals, to thousands of companies worldwide. The company was formed in 2007 following a buyout by senior management, backed by Chicago-based private equity firm, Prairie Capital.

Navman Wireless is the market leader in Australia tracking more than 12,000 vehicles and has operations in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Taiwan, Thailand, Fiji and New Zealand.

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