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21 Years of Truth

Enex TestLab celebrates its 21st birthday.

Sydney, Austraia: April 7, 2010 - For over 21 years, the TestLab has independently and scientifically sifted through the hype, technicality, broken promises and complexity of the global ICT industry. More than two decades later, Enex has become renowned for letting the facts speak for themselves – enabling customers to make informed decisions, save money and ensure success.

It began with just two staff. Today, Enex is one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia, with over 40 employees on 3 continents. One of the original two are still with the company.

Since day one, scientific testing and independence has been the cornerstone of Enex’s success. When the original TestLab was first set up, it was the independent commercial testing arm of RMIT, and although it is now a wholly private company, it still retains the dedication and integrity of its academic heritage.

Reflecting back over the 21 years, we have executed many thousands of tests from unconventional to the serious, all proving to be memorable

The biggest:
One Middle Eastern client wished to purchase a number of construction cranes from vendors in China. Enex was contracted to undertake testing prior to purchase to ensure they were in acceptable condition, well maintained and serviced. Amazingly, testing by Enex revealed that in most cases, the cranes were fakes!

The longest:
In addition to testing the built-in security features, Enex custom designed and built testing machines for batch testing international passports for wear and tear. The test machines ran steadily and after 12 months the satisfied client called informing the lab that the test machines developed had clocked up over one million page turns.

The most colourful:
Despite our suspicions that in the real world they would be eaten by children well before they ran out, one European manufacturer wanted to know absolutely, which of its coloured crayons would wear out first. Interestingly, yellow is the most durable colour – but there is no accounting for taste.

The thirstiest:
Recently, Enex tested a range of portable promotional bars. One of the criteria was to test its support for a 100kg person. Yep, a bar that is certified for dancing!

The serious:
Enex TestLab has also been known for their testing of the controversial mandatory internet filter in Australia, did you know that Enex also continues to test the family friendly filters for the Internet Industry Association (IIA)? ICT is their passion.

Founding member and current lab manager, Steve Turvey, says, “technology has always been at the heart of our business – we’ve tested just about all of it over the years. Although the way we had to work was a little different back then.”

In the early days, says Turvey, “even getting our tests and reports to clients was a real challenge. We’d typically take photos of the product (and get these developed onto slides), save the written copy to floppy diskettes and snail-mail them. It was a long process.” In the early 90’s Turvey also recalls announcing his discovery of the World Wide Worm in his monthly column. “I was excited about the Lab being connected to this emerging global network. I had the WWW part right, but who was to know it would eventually be called a Web – no one. Then public have not heard of the internet,” he says. Of interest, Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web in 1989, the same year that the TestLab was founded!

Of course, Enex TestLab’s core business is testing technology, systems and solutions. Enex now operates eight specialist testing divisions: software, hardware, systems, usability and accessibility, physical/materials, security, media/communications, and gaming, wagering, lottries and casinos testing.

Over the last 21 years, concludes Turvey, “Enex has saved its customers millions and millions of dollars. We’re always amazed with the innovative ways our testing can be used to support business and government and save money, risks and headaches. We can’t wait to see where technology will take Enex in the next 21 years.”

About Enex Test Lab
Enex TestLab was founded in 1989, originally as part of RMIT University, Australia, and has grown into a commercial testing facility used by a global client base. The company provides independent testing and reporting services designed to significantly lower its clients’ risk and maximise their return on investment when researching, procuring, developing, marketing, or introducing products. Enex TestLab has eight specialist delivery groups within the organisation, that provide consultancy, testing and reporting services on their particular area of expertise, including: hardware, software, systems, security, usability & accessibility, gaming/wagering, physical/materials, publishing media & communications.

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